-10 degrees (F) in our RV Tiny House

-10 degrees (F) in our RV Tiny House
Surviving our first winter and -10 degree (F) weather in our RV tiny house. (-10 F is -23C) Links to upgrades that we did to winterize: Heat and Condensation …

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  • Hey guys, I just remembered something that might be important for you two. Has anyone mentioned how trailers from the 70's had an issue with incompatible metals in the electrical wiring? It may not apply to RVs, but just in case it does, I am mentioning it to you. If you're not sure, you can check and see whether your wall switches are one metal (copper I think) and the wiring in the walls something different: like aluminium…or maybe steel? Anyhow point is if it isn't copper. Putting 2 different metals together like that leads to corrosion, and corrosion like that leads to FIRES! Ask a fireman: old trailers from the 70's are the bane of their existence! Make sure your old RV does not have the same problem, 'kay?

  • Cold snap in Washington. I ran my water dripping in my RV, now my stupid holding tank froze. Winter sucks. I like your window idea. I use a dehumidifier in Seattle usually rains. I can't wait for rain come back. I like you insulated the walls.

  • thanks for the video, very informative, the only suggestion i would have is to drop the 1st min and half of jokes, just not funny, but after that it was great, thanks again.

  • Been heating with wood for 20 years in my 860 square foot home , love it . Just collect wood all year for free . A bit of a chore but what isn't . I'm warm in the winter when it gets to -15 . Furnance doesn't run unless I want it to .

  • Super cute couple! I love the unspoken love that radiates from the two of you…Very sweet and loving…I am a new subscriber…God bless you and your union!

  • I really like this and hope you the best success. It makes me want to try something similar. I wonder however if you could seal the windows so well that it could impair circulation and allow cooking gasses/vapors or any other airborne materials to accumulate.

  • You two are special.. We live in a 176 yr old house with radiators
    and are in opposite ends of the house.. he's all bundled up and I like it at 60F
    Thanks for the video, I'm gonna go outside with the sheep dog now!!!

  • My sweet perfect momma lived in the upper peninsula michigan for around 8 years with my pops and had a very small cozy home in the woods of the UP on the lake and your home reminds me a lot of the place….love grows best in small homes…God Bless you both…thank you for sharing your life…i very much enjoy watching..

  • I'm so glad you both found a place to be happy and safe from the world. Your land is so pretty – I love it! Unlike 95% of people in America you have a place paid for, you're happy and debt free – what peace that must bring.