10 RV Battery Tips for Longer RV Battery Life

Extending RV battery life is not difficult, it just requires basic care and maintenance. In this RV how-to video we will discuss 10 battery tips to help extend the life of your RV lead acid batteries.

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  • I need help PLEASE! I have a 1995 Ford E350 with a dutchman Class C. I wanted to replace the rusty and corroded wire ends and eyelets on the harness. The rain washed away the label marking on me. I have the coach battery and a circuit breaker (2 post) behind the right side headlamp. I have the truck battery, one circuit breaker (two post) and one solenoid behind (two bigpost one small post.the left headlamp. I need to know where to put what wire. I should have taken pictures and made a diagram. To late now. I thank you for any help and or pictures.

  • Hi Mark, I purchased a brand new 12 v deep cycle battery recently and a Genius battery charger/maintainer. When I have my battery hooked up charging I can hear what sounds like bubbling in the battery. Is this normal? I can’t find much information on this. If it’s not normal what could I do to stop it if anything? Thank you

  • When Storing for Winter is it ok to put on a Battery Tender on to circulate the battery,, i use a tender on my Motorcycle and works awsome, just figured I would ask,, as it would save me from Pulling out the batteries,,,thank you

  • Most of the OEM chargers I have seen are NOT the good 3 stage type but a cheaper one stage. It just puts 13.6 volts to battery all the time you are plugged in shore power. #11 tip is check to see if you have a single stage charger, check manf model number and google for more info, to a 3 or 4 stage type charger and your batteries will LOVE you longer.

  • I have greatly benefited from your videos. Thank you. Now, I went to the Batteryminder website and saw several models. Which one to I need to recharge my batteries, ensuring the sulfation issue os solved?

  • Great Video !!.. I subscribed. Although I do not as yet have an RV I do have a solar system and 8 of the 6 volt Trojan REB batteries and recharge them monthly or every 2 months when not in use. I also PUT THEM ON A WOODEN PALLET and it seems to require less recharging or they discharge much more slowly !Instead of recharging for 8 to 14 hours .. it only takes 3 hours now…… I recommend everyone else do the very same thing … and watch them discharge much more slowly ….

  • when at home I connect to shore power on my th/bumper pull, should I be leaving my batt disco switch in the off or on position to trickle charge from shore power? or off at all times while on shore power?? thanks

  • I recently changed our power converter/battery charger in the travel trailer to a more modern 3-stage charge unit. It made a big difference in the health of our batteries over the stock unit.

  • Thank you for the excellent information and presentation.
    I might suggest that you look into an Amazon account that pays you a nice little commission on sales of things you recommend and provide a link to each product in your video's description. It doesn't cost your viewers any more, and will likely save them money. Everybody wins!
    You could go back and put links in the description of your older videos, or better yet, update them using the same footage, adding new information, and post the updates as new.

  • Awesome battery tips. Learned the hard way. Went through two batteries in our first year. Bought cheap ones. Now I know better. LOL! 😀
    Another great video! Thanks for all you do. Love your videos.
    Peace! ✌️✌️