10 Things we HATE About Full Time RVing

10 Things we HATE About Full Time RVing
This month marks our 10 Year Nomadiverary of being on the road full time. Obviously, we love the full time RVing lifestyle – the freedom of location, the joys of …

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  • Why not utilize Truck Stops more, Zero cost to Stop and they have Ice Cream. And Showers. Jazz Festivals are listed in Jazz Times Magazine.

  • Thank you so much for your knowledge I've been looking at doing this for quite some time beings that I am disabled and said on a set income I am looking at buying a 40-foot bus and doing the same thing is you guys I know my budget will be tight but it's something that I believe that it will be more affordable for me to live versus paying rent to somebody and never owning anything it'll be nice having something that is mine even though I know I have to do maintenance and upkeep the nice thing is is that I can do most of my own upkeep I really appreciate your guyses videos you guys really rock would love one day to meet you sometime in Montana

  • I am looking at converting a Bus to an RV right now pricing it out. I am 31 and work private security and Rent is 600 dollars a month here. I think that is insane… For the price of an old City Bus I would have the same square footage I would have in my 2 bedroom duplex. I am just trying to figure out what to do for Full time living…

  • ❤️❣️(◕◡◕)❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️(◕◡◕)❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️(◕◡◕)❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️(◕◡◕)❣️❤️
    Hello, Just started following you and now have "Subscribed", I love how clear and honest your video tutorials are and I appreciate these learning videos on the Van/RV life and hope to get started as soon as I find my van of my dreams and get rid of 35 years of stuff-LOL

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience and all of the details. Your information has gone a long way to helping me get on the road along with you. On a future episode would you be able to show us your wine cellar.

  • Your comments are have principled logic, however the most essential significance is the adventure, knowledgeable growth and where opportunities far outweigh the inconveniences.

    When you think about it…the more people that are attracted to this kind of lifestyle, the more demands based on their needs, desires, replicating comforts…things that you're saying 'suck'…will be to some extent alleviated as business/marketing/technologies will try to do what they can to accommodate.
    Technology constantly tries to keep up with the mobility of not only RVers (Boomers, GenExers and Millennials) but constantly active thrill seekers and those off-grid, who refuse to sacrifice communication and convenience.
    So there's more pluses than minuses.

    Fixed neighborhoods have to contend with neighborhood crime, droughts, higher taxes, escalating utility costs, and a probability of hurricanes, earthquakes or fires more often. Having the freedom of mobility as an alternative is more of a blessing.
    Something admirably you both have mastered. You are an inspiration and always an interesting perspective.

  • Liked and Subscribed! Great energy as a couple!! Thank you for your factual video. Everything you are describing is accurate. Not really an enjoyable experience. Even had the full propane tanks stolen off RV at night while I was asleep at a campground. Thought I was the only one having a bad RV experience and never said anything. Sold the RV, and happy at home.

  • Wow, I enjoyed this part ( the BAD parts about RV'ing )
    I'm fixing to start to go myself on full time, thank you for this video, you're a inspiration!!

  • well my honda 1300 r is considered a recreational vehicle …i guess im not supposed to ride but once in a while?????????????? cause i ride every day … i ride it hard every day . only during really bad weather will i take my truck

  • This video needs to have closed caption. I’m deaf. I could give this a thumbs down but I don’t think it fair to you because the video is good. However, it would be fair to me if this video was on CC.

  • I'm not nomadic but these are common sense things. No big deal. I have never understood why people whine about normal things that goes wrong. Suck it up and get on with your life. No need to advertise this nonsense. No big deal. Good on you folks.

  • After driving an 18 wheeler with my husband for over 6 yrs, and living in what is essentially an 5×6 ft box (8×10 I'd you include the driversection), we feel pretty confident on being able to live together in an RV. We ran into most of the downsides while driving and staying in truckstops. Only this time we will own it and pay the bills. Fortunately, my husband is an excellent mechanic and I am a very good researcher.

  • I enjoy watching you both! So informative! Certainly a wonderful couple ! You guys seem to love each other so much and it shows, I've seen one completes the other person's sentence! Love it ❤️, always truthfully and a complete joy to watch! You guys are so honest that's awesome ❤️❤️❤️

  • You are a licensed driver, you have vehicle insurance. Your state is where your license plate is purchased and renewed. You pay road tax you shop everywhere you go. You move as business or pleasure takes you, you are free and a citizen or visiting. You have a social security number. You work as anyone else maybe your retired. You are a citizen and no one has the right to tell you any different. You may own real estate or not. States want to tax, and political officials want your vote. But what the concern is mainly is taxes so they can build schools and if you have a home they can't get your tax dollars for their own agendas. You arrange a place to get the mail. Your phone is a chip that can be traced. The government wants money and they will do whatever it takes to change laws to get it. I hear they want to classify RV living like they do real estate, homes. People frown on the so-called homeless. Freedoms to choose your lifestyle should be your own. Public land is exactly that. If you are paying to drive on our highway system legally. It is no one's business. You must comply with schools for children. In a state or prove of tutoring children. We all know it is all about the money. Cost of living these days is unbelievable. Incomes or low for many. This status quo must change. Keeping up with the Jones days are over. Solar power has changed the way people live. Needs and wants have also changed. I'm 69 and waited much too long for this nomadic lifestyle. I wish I would have done this years ago while I was young. Many die soon after retirement. Many don't believe they will ever receive social security income. They raise the age for retirement and steal the money without us knowing. Class of people is not any longer high low middle class. Even college is a waste of money because jobs do not pay the loans to go. You spend your earnings paying for them. Life is not served on a silver platter for most people.

  • Just about THE Best detailed info on this lifestyle. Really appreciated all the stuff No one else talks about. Medical, insurance, residency, pet insurance, and so much more. Off to your blog next. Thank you.

  • I love your videos, I just stumbled across your channel this morning watching "The bus grease Monkey" who repairs and restores those old GM busses, Great channel if you havn't seen them. Iam just curious what you folks do for an income,I apologize for asking, not trying to be nosey, just curious.
    Thanks for sharing your videos.
    Kind regards, Eric Dee.