12 Must-Have RV Gear For All RVers

According to Mark and Emily, there is definitely RV Gear that makes RV life easier.

RV Gears

Here is 12 Must Have RV Equipment that every RVer must have in his or her RV:

  1. Portable Propane Heater
  2. Vacuum Cleaner
  3. Disposable Wipes
  4. Organic Water Holding Tank
  5. Outback Charge Controller
  6. Digital Snap Around
  7. Flameless Candles
  8. RV BBQ Setup
  9. Nitrile Gloves
  10. High Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  11. Portable cooktop
  12. All surface cleaner

Here is an informative video on the perfect gear for your RV, from Chris:

Tell us your own special gear for your RV, in the comments below.


  1. Bungee Cords, volt. ohm Meter. & basic tool kit(hammer Pliers AssT screwdrivers assortment of screws nut & bolts ect)

  2. Your collected shower water is still clean….why not put it back into the fresh water tank? You can do the same thing in the kitchen while waiting for the hot water. Just use a funnel and put it back into the tank. Don’t forget a heated water hose and heat pads for the tanks and valves if you are in places that go below freezing. Be careful using buddy heaters that run on propane. You will need to crack a window so you don’t kill yourself. Sat dish and receiver are good. If you are towing a backup camera and DVD are a must have. Using hitching rods and a backup camera pretty much insures you get hitched on the first try! A roll of rubber drawer liner is good to keep things from moving around in cabinets. Spare fuses are another must have. Vent covers are also desirable to keep those from cracking and leaking. Don’t forget a water pressure regulator. You can purchase one made by Valterra that is adjustable. Much better than the ones that are preset. I am a full timer. One thing I love is my Berkey water filter. Most campgrounds are connected to the city water supply. This will take out all the chemicals, minerals and even fluoride! Mine sits on the counter and just goes in the sink when on the road. A spray can of rubber sealant is nice too if you discover a roof leak when you are out. You can do your own fix pretty quickly. I also keep a small broom in my outdoor compartment and go on the roof and sweep off the slide before putting it in. It’s also good to sweep out the gutters so the condensation from your ac unit and rain water leave the roof.

  3. Here’s my list of must haves:

    1. Tool Kit
    2. 30 Amp Power Cord Extension – at least 25 feet
    3. 2 Hoses with a splitter – 1 for water to your unit; 1 to use as a hose (helps with clean up)
    4. A cleaning head for your sewer pipe – works with your second hose
    5. Disposable gloves for sewer hose connect/disconnect
    6. A portable stove
    7. A portable BBQ
    8. A screen tent for those buggy evenings
    9. An inclining support stand for sewer hose
    10. A decent sized axe
    11. A portable table
    12. Light weight folding chairs

  4. The one practice I always follow is to spray down the water valve with a Clorox mix before hooking my hose to it. It became a practice after I watched a guy just stick his sewer hose upto the faceit end and wash his sewer hose that way. One can never be to careful.


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