14 Cheap & Easy Ways To Organize Your RV

Your RV is not nearly as big as your sticks and bricks, so you need to utilize every nook and cranny as best as you can to make life more comfortable while on the road.

1) Use the inside of doors.

RV Space Saving Solution 1

2) Use velcro to keep your remotes and cell phones in place.

RV Space Saving Solution 2

3) Hang organizers off the back of seats

RV Space Saving Solution 3

4) Hang hoses from nylon velcro straps

RV Space Saving Solution 4

5) Over the door trash can is a must

RV Space Saving Solution 5

6) Hang a veggie & fruit hammock

RV Space Saving Solution6

7) Having nesting bowls and measuring spoons will cut down on space

RV Space Saving Solution 7

8) Use wall mounted magnet strips for scissors and knives

RV Space Saving Solution 8

9) Use hooks to hold aluminum foil and saran wrap

RV Space Saving Solution 9

10) Create a make shift night stand with a bed side caddy

RV Space Saving Solution 10

11) Use magazine holders for art supplies and books

RV Space Saving Solution 11

12) Use clear storage container to make it easier to see what you have got

RV Space Saving Solution 12

13) Keep first aid supplies handy with elastic and staples

RV Space Saving Solution13

14) Shoe organizers help keep everything organized not just shoes!

RV Space Saving Solution 14

  • It would be great to have an idea what to buy to build the sliding thing that holds the stack of containers.

  • I disagree with the magnet holder for knives – one good bounce and they can go flying and potentially harm someone going inside to open up. Instead, the knife holder that fits inside a cupboard door is not only safer – but more difficult for little hands to reach. Plus, they don’t take up any shelf space. A second observance – don’t leave anything flammable on your burners, like that pot holder. Recently, while wiping down my stove top and burners, I accidentally bumped one on. Fortunately, I have to light mine manually, but I almost paid dearly for it when I didn’t smell the propane immediately. Otherwise, there is a lot of good info here. Fulltime RVer since 2000

    • I thought the same thing about those knives…It’s amazing the objects that can fly about the ‘cabin’ while moving. Don’t think those jars would stay stacked long either or those spices on the tray…..Looks nice but……….. one bump…….oopsy! LOL

      • I’ve been using magnetic knife holders for many years in several different RVs and have never had a knife fall off/jump off/ dislodge in any way other than when I take it off the holder.

        • Ours has a wooden knife holder built in behind the stove, the knife blades stick down into slots exposing only the handles, blades are sticking down in the space between the back of the stove and the wall.

    • I have found that an automotive magnetic strip is strong enough the knives and scissors do not move while travelling

  • I thought most of these put stuff out in plain sight that I would rather have hidden away. But I do have stackable bowls. And like several others, I would never put my knives on the wall where they could bounce/fall off.

    • I’m the same way; I don’t like all that stuff showing.
      I purchased a dozen clear shoeboxes for $1 each at the dollar store and use them to organize and store everything. They fit perfectly in my cabinets and can be stacked. One is for first aid items; another is for anything electronic: batteries, ear buds, charging cables, etc.; another is for my makeup. You get the idea. They’ve proved to be invaluable.

  • Containerize everything that’s loose…dishwasher cutlery holders make great organizers as does fridge crisper drawers.

  • Use pool noodles to help keep things in place.

    Cut some pool noodles the width of the inside of your refrigerator shelves. Cut a slit down the length of each one. Slide them over the end of your shelves. There will be enough room to close the door. These will help keep your leftovers from flying off the shelf when you open the door, after you drive to your next destination.

    Take the scraps, and cut a pool noodle to fit the inside of the microwave, from top to bottom. While you drive, store the pool noodle there, to keep your rotating plate from bouncing around.

    Cut a slit in a pool noodle, from one end to the other, and use it to protect the edge of your table, so your tie-down strap doesn’t ding it up. The noodle will also help hold rubbermaid tubs from falling off the table while you drive.

    Take the remaining scraps and cut slits in them from one end to the other. Put them over any place you tend to bump your head, such as the awning arms.

    • I ordered a dozen charcoal gray pool noodles to use outside and inside my RV (from Amazon). I couldn’t stand those crazy bright colors most noodles come in. The charcoal gray matches the decor inside and outside my RV.

      I cut one in half, slit it down the middle, and cover my windshield wipers with them when I spend 2 months at a Florida beach every summer.

      Another one I cut to size and use on the feet of my zero gravity chairs. Without the pool noodle, the chair really hurts my feet when I push back to recline.

      I use them everywhere and anywhere I need to create grip or need a cushion because they’re cheap, they’re light, and they can be cut to ANY size. In fact, every RV should come with a dozen color-coordinated pool noodles as standard equipment!

  • I don’t think they intend that you have your knives, spices etc. out while travelling. Once you reach your destination, set your knives and spices on the magnetic holders. I think these are great space saving ideas!!

  • I use magnetic hooks to hold my spatulas & spoons on the side of the hood. The curves help keep them from coming off while driving. My knives are in the drawers. I also use tension rods (i split the double refrigerator tension rods) in the bathroom rx cabinet to keep my toiletries upright. I use contact hooks on the walls to hang my keys & to organize my charging cables.

    • Silly me, 1st time out, I thought I had everything pretty well stashed away. When we arrived at our 1st destination, I found that the latched bathroom storage door didn’t stay latched. I’ve not yet found any tension rods to fit in there yet (any suggestions?), so better than 1/2 of my toiletries were in the toilet. Fortunately, it was mostly cans (hair spray etc) or tubes. Never been so glad for a minimal water toilet before! Newbie lesson hopefully learned. Now on to the next lesson. 🙂

  • Some of these are great, although I use quite a few of them at home, using the cupboard doors. #1 One of the others that are ok, is the hooks and wraps…a better one is using a magazine file put the wraps still in their boxes and slide it in the cupboard.#9.
    Another one not mentioned is the cupboards are usually made with quite a bit of space between the shelves. My husband made a removable second shelf to put in between shelves. Canned goods do not need 12 inches of space to be stored. This doubled that area.

    • Great idea adding a second shelf Becky.. my husband added a second utensil shelf. Our kitchen drawers were so deep, wasted space. He added two shallow divided utensil trays in top two drawers. Now I have enough room to store spatulas and serving spoons, etc.

  • A dab of glue in all four corners of pretty much anything from a glue gun will give it grip so it wont move around 😉

  • Hanging hoses etc from your storage compartment doors is an excellent way to distroy your hinges on the doors