15 Most Mind-Blowing Experiences To Enjoy At Least Once In Life

1. Having a Shower From Multiple Showerheads with Varied Water Temperatures

An amazing shower that had like five shower heads on each wall facing all different angles towards you, with varying pressures and varying ways the water came out.- Kelsey Degeneffe-Tarazi

2. Walking on Dew Early Morning 


Fresh grass, warm sunlight and beautiful natural surroundings can make anyone drop their footwear and enjoy walking barefoot. Walking barefoot on grass, also known as ‘earthing’, has been in the news for some time.

The earth is full of energies and getting in touch with these energies nourishes the body as well as the mind and soul.

3. Putting Your Feet In Hot and Cold Water One after Another 


Therapeutic contrasting is quickly changing tissue temperature from hot to cold and back again.Basically, contrasting constitutes an extremely gentle tissue workout: stimulation without stress, and strong sensations without movement, which can be particularly helpful for a body part that badly needs some rest while it heals.

4. Giving Birth

Giving Birth is amazing because of the beautiful little baby that you get to cuddle at the end of it. That wonderful little part of you that you will love for the rest of your life. Ahhhhh. But it’s not the only good thing about getting pregnant — in fact there are loads of things to love about being pregnant, so make the most of it while you can!

5. Delving into History at Westminster Abbey

The first reports of the abbey are based on a late tradition claiming that a young fisherman called Aldrich on the River Thames saw a vision of Saint Peter near the site. This seems to be quoted to justify the gifts of salmon from Thames fishermen that the abbey received in later years. In the present era, the Fishmonger’s Company still gives a salmon every year. The proven origins are that in the 960s or early 970s, Saint Dunstan, assisted by King Edgar, installed a community of Benedictine monks here.

6. Listening To Your Echo In An Orchestra Auditorium


“My piano teacher was also a music librarian for an entire orchestra. She took me to the stage where the orchestra played. It was beautiful: from the stage, the entire auditorium was shaped like a cello. Finally, she told me to sing and hear the amazing acoustics in the space. I sang a few notes, and it spread through the entire space. The pipe on the organ behind me hummed with me; hearing my own voice and the organ behind me rippling through the space gave me chills.”

by Emily Metcalf, Facebook

7. First Time Eating of Russian Pastry

The first Piroshky that I ever ate and smelled was probably the best Piroshky I ever ate and smelled.It was like freshly baking bread with just a hint of sugar, so powerful that we smelled it all down the block and couldn’t tell where it was coming from. It was actually coming from Piroshky Piroshky, which had a line 20 people deep.

8. Session in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

My first thought was, yep, this is just going to be an hour and a half long salty bath in a dark room. I should have brought my iPhone. I slid feet first and lay face-up in the warm water, and, sure enough, misjudged myself, routes, locations, perceptions, and level of control. I cannot stress how quickly the following happened. Immediately after I lay on my back and with my arms at my sides, my brain went haywire- Mike Ferry.

9. Biting Into Fresh Cherry


When I found out about fresh cherries, it totally rocked my world. I also realized that most cherry-flavored things don’t taste like cherries at all. Fresh cherries are so much better in every way!

10. Petting a Chinchilla 

Most chinchillas like to be scratched under the chin and behind their ears. The don’t really like being “stroked” like you would pet a cat, from the base of the neck to the tail. The aren’t too keen about that.

Every chinchilla is different though! These are just the spots that I have found work for almost every chinchilla.

11. Waking Up Amidst Honeysuckle Vines

I used to walk to work in the very early morning (often before the sun came up) down a two-lane, tree-lined street in the suburbs. All along the road were masses of honeysuckle vines. In the spring, the smell was intoxicating.
By Vickie Elliott Davie, Facebook

12. Visiting the painting Fighting Temeraire 

The painting depicts HMS Temeraire being towed by a paddle-wheel steam tug towards its final berth in Rotherhithe in south-east London in 1838 to be broken up for scrap.

The composition of this painting is unusual in that the most significant object, the old warship, is positioned well to the left of the painting, where it rises in stately splendour and almost ghostlike colours against a triangle of blue sky and rising mist that throws it into relief. The beauty of the old ship is in stark contrast to the dirty blackened tugboat with its tall smokestack, which scurries across the still surface of the river.

13. Smell of Flora In Sequioa National Park

An incense cedar has flat sprays of foliage that emit a fragrant smell in warm weather and small reddish-brown cones resembling a duck’s bill when opened.

At night, look for evening primrose — its four-petal flowers open at sunset and wilt in the morning, and are pollinated by moths. Blossoms range from white to yellow and pink and have a sweet lemon smell; stems can reach 6 feet.

14. Cracking Your Back

When I sit in one position for a while, and I crack my back, it feels so good! Synovial fluid present in your joints contains oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, when you pop, these bubbles escape. This can relieve pressure. Cracking also leads to momentary ligament looseness and relieves tension.

15. Walking on the Soothing Sands of Tybee Island in Georgia 

Tybee Island’s natural beach sand is not as fine and white as that of the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico because of Tybee Island’s high organic mix and the quantity of rough dark granite in its sand. Low wave energy on the Georgia coast prevents heavy deposits of calcium carbonate and the sand grains found on the beach are rougher, due to a lack of rounding from wave energy.