15 Under $10 Delicacies And Restaurants To Try When In Houston

15 Places You Must Eat At When In Houston1. Thai Jasmine for Thai Cuisines

Thai Jasmine Restaurant offers delicious dining, takeout and delivery to Houston, TX. Thai Jasmine Restaurant is a cornerstone in the Houston community and has been recognized for its outstanding Thai cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff.

It is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high-quality fresh ingredients.

2. Torchy’s Tacos– Queso and Taco

Today Torchy’s Tacos operate over 30 stores and a trailer park. They’ve won a bunch of cool awards and had write-ups and videos spread across the nation. You can still find that passion in the food at any Torchy’s, and none of it would be possible without all the customers, employees, friends and fans that share in the Taco Dream.

3. House Of Pies– Any Pie

The best thing to Eat at House of Pies for less than $10- Any slice of pie at house of pies!

4. Tiger Den–  Ramen

Tiger Den is a Japanese Ramen and Izakaya restaurant.  They specialize in house made noodles, and our
broth slowly simmers for 20 hours to create a deep, rich, flavorful experience.  We offer a variety of
flavors including: garlic black bean, original tonkotsu, miso, and spicy miso.

5. Niko Niko’s– Anything Greek!

Eleni Fetokakis runs her Greek-American cafe, Niko Niko’s, with a German work ethic. She tells employees if they want to relax, go home. She says she isn’t running a school, she’s running a restaurant, and she doesn’t have time to teach everyone how to do everything every day. If someone isn’t doing something right, she follows behind giving orders and corrections.

6. El Tiempo Cantina– Anything Mexican

El Tiempo Cantina defines the extraordinary flavors and culture of Tex Mex cuisine. For the past 55 years, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting every aspect of what Houstonians have come to know as authentic Tex Mex cooking.

7. Frio To–  Beverages

Frio to Go is an awesome place to get cold daiquiris margaritas and coladas for under $10! You can go in a grab anything you want mix and match or make your own drink or even go through the drive thru!

8. Koagie Hots– Korean Cheesesteaks

The original truck of the Houston Hots family, Koagie Hots is a Korean-influenced food truck serving cheesesteaks, hot dogs and much more throughout the Houston area.  

The Koagie’s begin with a fresh, daily-delivered french baguette loaded with toppings such as in-house marinated Korean BBQ ribeye, the signature kimchi made by Chef Pak, onions, aioli, and the customer’s option of provolone or wiz. The unique spin on a “Korn Dog” and fries is definitely worth checking out as well.  

9. Lankford’s Grocery & Market- Burger

It is off the beaten path, in middle of Montrose/Midtown.
I have never had anything that I didn’t like. They only accept cash, and it is well worth whatever wait. It has been around since 1939. No burger is over $9.

10. Arpi’s Phoenicia Deli–  Anything

Arpi’s Phoenicia Deli is a gourmet restaurant with Mediterranean emphasis serving trademark shawarma sandwiches and other intercontinental menu items.

The famed wraps of fine meat cuts are slow cooked on a rotisserie spit, marinated with Arpi’s special spices and served in a pita wrap. Marinated lamb, sausage cuts and “meze,” a tapas-style fare, are also favorites on the menu.

11. The Original Rib Tickler– Stuffed Potatoes

Since ‘84, Sylvia and Ted Johnson have been sharing life and BBQ with friends and family.  Offering award winning slow, smoked BBQ made with homemade sauces and plenty of sides.  Five generations of family have worked in the “RT”.  They still smoke the good stuff with wood, make everything (and we mean everything) from scratch.  Potato salad comes from potatoes, coleslaw starts as cabbage. Every day, you can count on enjoying a mouthful of flavorful brisket, fall of the bone ribs, delicately smoked turkey, link sausages and more

12. Bar Boheme- Vietnamese Fries

Hoisin,  Garlic, Mayo, Sriracha, Peanuts and Cilantro are the main ingredients of Vietnamese fry.

13. Les Givrals Kahve- Banh Mi

Fresh bánh mì sandwich for $2.50 (only .50 for double meat), cheap spring rolls, and pho for around $6.50. Not to mention the best Vietnamese iced coffee in town.

14. Town in City Brewing Company– Giant Pretzel

My favorite is Town and City: $5.00 gets you an amazingly huge pretzel, $9.00 for Seoul Burger and tots, $14.00 gets you a whole pitcher of their beer (they have smaller cheaper options as well).

15. Frank’s Pizza- Any Pizza  

Frank’s Pizza, located in Downtown Houston’s Historic District, is THE place to go for delicious hand-tossed pizza.  We serve whole pies, slices, lasagna, spicy wings, burgers, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and more.  All available for dine-in, pick-up, or delivery– We deliver Downtown.  They built their reputation serving the highest quality food at reasonable prices.