1tiliman FULL TIME RVing AND BOONDOCKING: solar install camper

1tiliman FULL TIME RVing AND BOONDOCKING: solar install camper
Please watch: “Off Grid Truck camper, Quick easy Thunder storm salad in a RV” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BixImPqgABg –~– finally received all the …

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  • I have to have my glasses and a flashlight to see anything. That looks like a good charge controller. I'm using the Prostar 30 with 2 batteries, a 1000 watt true sine inverter and for now a 100 watt solar panel. I've got everything hooked up in the basement that I live in. I'm still playing with it to see what all it will do.

  • Great to see you John & you're looking fabulous!! Nice mod & install!! It was 94 here yesterday with heat index 100 ugh!! Too dang hot. Stay cool & be well !! πŸ’• Vivi πŸ’•

  • If you touch one of the buttons the back light will come on. Yours might have a menu setting to keep it on? My cheap Chinese MPPT controller doesn't, so the back light goes out after about 30 seconds. I have 4-100 watt Renogy panels and they average about 4-5 amps, so if Renogy told you 15 amps they are blowing smoke. Maybe in a Lab under ideal conditions.

    Β Be much easier running both panels portable and save you the hassle of installing one on your camper and then you don't have to park in the sun. With an extension line and a pair of branch connectors you can move them around. Install a pig tail from your controller and route it outside. Takes me less than 10 minutes to setup my 6 panels. Having the ability to tilt the panels makes a big difference in output. You'll see at least a 50% improvement in output over a flat mounted stationary panel.

  • hey john good to see you welcome bk my freind solar is the way to go im working on a 100 watt panel dont know much about it but ill do some research .stay safe john btw u look great πŸ™‚