23 Reasons We Don’t Use A Hotel Room

23 Reasons We Don't Use A Hotel Room1. Bad View

A most common problem in a hotel room is often its view or, the wall outside your window.

2. Dullest Paintings on Earth


Most hotel rooms adorn the walls with horses, landscapes and dullest painting in the world.

3. A Big Old TV

A souvenir from the 90s, the big old TV is the trademark of most hotel rooms.

4. Or a Small TV on a Big Wall

Some hotels with upgraded TVs have the compact (or tiny) TV fitted into biggest the wall.

5. A Bedcover That Is Dirty

Most hotel rooms provide fancy satin bedspread which looks faded due to dust.

6. Weirdest Stains

A common sight in every hotel room, mysterious stains in different shapes and colors are mostly observed on the bedspread.

7. Inconvenient Toilets and Placement of Rolls

Some hotel bathrooms have weird facilities for the toilet’s flush as well as the placement of the toilet rolls at odd places that it seems like it is a serious prank!

8. A Remote that is Chargeless Or with Problematic Battery

Apart from dusty or dirty, often hotel TV remotes have batteries without any charge.

9. Brownly stained phone that seemed to have been white sometime ago

A dirty phone and chord is a common sight in any hotel room!

10. An Empty Light fitting

A common sight in every hotel room is a light fixture without any light.

11. Useless Bedswitch

One switch in every hotel room, mostly bedswitch, never works!

12. Coffee Table without space to keep coffee

Perhaps there are too many things on the table such that there is no place to keep the coffee tray.

13. See Through Curtains

These put you on Display to the outsiders!

14. Dormitory Kind of Blankets!

Usually most hotels have these rough blankets on the top shelf of the wardrobe.

15. A Pedal Bin

These mostly flip and trip the waste around when you peddle it.

16. A Horrible Showerhead

Sometimes, the showerhead is aimed too low or on the wall that it is impossible to shower.

17. A Gideons Brown Bible

An omnipresent resident of most hotel rooms, perhaps it is a spiritual good luck from the hotel!

18. Unevenly shaped commodities

Mostly hangers are oddly shaped due to prolonged use.

19. A badly lit Bedside Lamp!

Often the bedside lamps are too dim to provide sufficient reading light.

20. Large Sink that takes long to drain!

This is also the cause of your post brushing spits staying like a gump on the sink.

21. A bad Warning Sign

Mostly aggressive, the sign usually displays rules to follow in the room you paid for!

22. Dim Bathroom Lights

These are often surrounded by flies.

23. You’re never alone!

A cockroach or a rat are the common most roommates at a hotel!

Let’s hear your reasons in the comments below!


  1. Many good reasons to avoid those hotels. I am thankful however for the Gideons and the countless lives that have been turned around, positively touched and even saved by reading from the Bible that the Gideons have placed around the world.

  2. This list is awful. If these hotels are where you stay then any tent would be preferable. I much prefer my rv to any hotel, but my reasons are quite different. I have a nice rv and I keep it well maintained and clean. Most hotels I have stayed in were clean and well taken care of. There are several reasons I don’t stay in hotels.
    1. I like my own bed and my sheets.
    2. My blanket is clean and I know when I last washed it.
    3. I don’t like dragging all my stuff in from the car or tipping someone else to take it up for me.
    4. Traffic usually a problem getting to the hotel and parking is an issue. Usually in a garage. When the car is parked in some remote site by hotel personel and THEN I remember something I need from the back seat!!!!
    5. To stay in a hotel anywhere near as nice as my rv is cost prohibitive.

  3. How often do they really change the bedspread?? I’ll take my camper anytime over a motel room. I don’t care how clean they appear.

  4. Not sure where you found that hotel. I Live in my Motor home on vacation but hotels when traveling on the job. Evidently the company likes me as i have never even seen any of these problems. Most now have decent flat screen Vs, nice showers, comfortable beds, remotes that work and if not they are always glad to swap. Once I had a bad TV and they changed my room. The see through curtins always have a dark one that you can chose to close. Please do not write articles like this. Yes if I was retired i would probably never stay in a hotel,just my RV.