2nd Worse Day of RV Travel EVER…Full-Time RV Family

2nd Worse Day of RV Travel EVER…Full-Time RV Family
2nd Worse Day of RV Travel EVER…Full-Time RV Family. With 4 years of full-time travel under our belts, I guess we were due for another bad travel day. A lot of …

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  • You guys! That all would have made superb footage for your channel. But maybe view popularity isn’t the point of your channel. I seriously think you could have gone viral with that one. I know it was scary but you missed out on some big bucks.

  • Bless your hearts. Lesson learned but holy cow what a tough couple days. Hopefully whatever doesn't kill u makes you stronger. Safe travels going fwd. Hopefully it all happened at once & you are trouble free going fwd.

  • Be careful out there. We almost always have some water in the tanks. Usually also carrying a few gallon jugs of water as well. Those gallon jugs came in handy once when the truck engine overheated and nearly boiled dry on the side of the road on a very busy interstate east of Louisville, KY. No one stopped. Managed to get to a hotel about a mile down the road. Limped home about 300 miles next day. Blown thermostat and other problems solved much later.

    We also were pinned down by winds in Holbrook, AZ in October 2017 and stayed an extra day in the campground there. Others did go down the road in the 50 mph winds. We also stayed at the KOA, that you went to, for several days after we left Holbrook. Not surprised by the power line problem. Tight KOA.

  • All great experience. You're driving skills greatly increase when you're faced with difficult navigating challenges. We just traded in our travel trailer for a 5th wheel RV (like last Thursday). Had a similar experience getting it home. Didn't leave the dealer until 9:30pm at night in Michigan during the tail end of a polar vortex. Driving in 4WD mode all the way home, then had to turn the entire train around (41'ft RV) inside the camp ground in the snow at night to back it in its spot.

  • At 54000 lbs winds aren't as bad for us. I don't stop for the night without getting fuel first. It's a good rule to have. If oncoming traffic is flashing their lights at you, it is probably because the weight of the fifth wheel on the back is causing the headlights to raise. It is you causing the hazard for oncoming traffic and you need to address it. Try adding air bags or boosters to the rear end.

  • As a commercial truck driver for Prime, I'm listening to this like Lol! Welcome to our world! When me and my wife are not in the freightliner, we're in a 2018 Berkshire XL 37A. You guys had a typical trucker experience.

  • I have been rv'ing for 15 years and I am going to tell you; don't travel with anything in your tanks. The extra weight worsens your fuel mileage and the sloshing of the water will damage your water line connections at the tank and will eventually crack your tank. A full tank of water can affect trailer stability in windy conditions. The trailer is in the middle of a 4.0 earthquake when traveling at low speeds and much higher at high speeds and on rough roads. Carry a couple of 5 or 6 gallon jugs of fresh water or buy a couple of cases of water. Don't worry about showers. Keep body wipes on hand to keep the smell to a minimum until you get planted. Keep a couple of jugs for the toilet if necessary. After getting through the learning curve, rv life couldn't be better!

  • Just amother adventure! Amother? Haha. Yes. That works! I always travel with water. I know some don't because of weight. To heck with that. Water is essential! Glad ya'll are ok.

  • Oh my. Thank goodness these types of travel days don't happen all the time. That is some serious wind. That must have been the same time we had it down in Quartzite. Huge gusts. Oh that fitbit story is hilarious. Glad you guys rocked through it. Like my husband & I always say, "at least no one got hurt".

  • Oh I've had so many of those days! And it really does hold true that when one thing goes wrong, everything else seems to follow! So glad y'all dragged yourselves through it. Now just relax and laugh. Because just like bad luck comes all at once, so does good luck.

  • you guys are funny My father worked for PG&E he lived in a trailer during the week and came home on weekends I always remember the back up chats LOL.

  • I hope you guys don't beat yourself up too much over this. While it may only be the second worse travel day ever, this one day alone is enough for a lifetime. We all get to learn from your experience, but it is amazing how one small decision can have such an escalating impact on your entire day or so. You can't change the weather and technology let you down on a number of fronts when it came to your GPS and wind apps, but your experience got you out of this little mess. So give yourself some credit as many of us might not have made out as well. Great video and thanks for sharing.

  • I literally CANNOT with the high beams part. I’m a full time traveler with my fiancé and son and we had the EXACT same scenario happen where they’d wait until the were right in front of us to flash us so he had his had ready to flash them back and would do like eight times in a row. It is the weirdest thing because normally people just flash you real quick. But if it makes you guys feel any better, we were traveling from Houston TX to Wyoming a few months ago and made it to Canyon Tx which is about 15 minutes from Amarillo Tx, before deciding to stop for the night because we have a one year old, ( we’d been driving for 9 hours) well anyways we ended up boondocking in the Walmart parking lot for the night that way in the morning we could drive to Amarillo to fill up. So the next morning starts out GREAT we were on the road by 6:30 so we thought we were gonna be making great timing. We stop at a Loves Truck stop to fill up and as we’re leaving the space to pull out is so small that we had to turn sooner than we should have and out bumper to our trailer gets hooked on the the cement post things that they have at the pumps. I’m talking like the post is inbetween out trailer and our bumper. It took us nearly two hours and sawing a part of our bumper off to get out. Anddddd to top it all off when we originally got stuck the bottom wall for the back of our got ripped of and the wooden beam split in half. Lol so don’t feel bad. But I can understand the stress and embarrassment! Love your guys videos though!

  • 2nd Worst Occurence: No water * hurricane winds * snow * sleet * cold * no water * massive boulder * no water * missed exit * wind apps off * directional app off * challenged w/turnaround * did I mention 'no water' * KOA troubles * CRAZY!

  • Those valves breaking seem to be an issue with Grand Design. Ours hasn't broke but it is getting stiff when trying to open. So my guess it is a matter of time. Needless to say I am not a fan of these cable systems. Wished GD would have just stayed away fro these cable systems.