3 Dishes Everyone Will Devour While RVing

The benefits of outdoor cooking are diverse, one of the best benefits is that it gives natural flavor to everything cooked. From desserts to wholesome meals, one can cook many nutritious and tasty dishes on a campfire.

6d325-campfire-cooking-ideas Do you know how to cook on a campfire?

Our three favorite campfire dishes for the week are

  • Steak On Campfire
    What do you need?
    Seasonings: As needed
    Canola Oil
    Thick Steak- one per serving
    How to prepare?

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  • Fish ‘n’ Chips: Appropriate for Beach fishing  
    What do you need?
    Tartar Sauce
    Lemon Zest
    One can of Beer
    Potato to make Chips or a pack of Chips
    How to prepare?

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  • Cinnamon Sugar Apples: Apt as a Dessert; 
    What do you need?
    Aluminum Foil
    How to Prepare

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Campfire cooking is the ancient-most method of easy outdoor cooking. To spice the meal fixing, appoint different tasks for each friend or family member invited for the meal. Don’t forget to tell us how you improvised the above recipes in the comments below. 😀