$42 a month ($500 a Year)=Cheap Camping @ Coyote Howls RV Park

$42 a month ($500 a Year)=Cheap Camping @ Coyote Howls RV Park
Today we’re going to take a trip down to Coyote Howls RV Park in Why, Arizona. It’s a very nice RV Park where you can live for the entire year for a mere $500 …

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  • It's around 30 dollars a night to tent camp in most Georgia State parks. I always thought it would not be cheap to live in an rv if you're having to pay those prices.

  • Self employed in Cali for years and was overwhelmed with paper policy and bills,
    nowhere enough left to retire on and left to fend for myself.. thinking this may be the
    answer to my retirement as a boomer. Thanks for the Heads up.. was worried about
    what to do.

  • just wanted to say i find your videos awsum and what you do selfless and very thoughtfull of others.i have been wanting to get the van dwelling life started as when i was a tike my dad bought a ram van new in the early 80s empty and converted it with everything except a shower and hed pick me up on weekends and for summer and we would go all over the lower eastern u.s. starting from key west as i was born there so actually to me everywhere was northern travels.but i got the seed sewn from early.ive allways dreamed to convert or get one ready and just go.different bak yrd every nite.im 47 and since we gote email.smart fones n wifi no need for p.o.box that i used to say i would get.i just got a 99 2500 exspress cargo van empty only thing in it is cockpit divider wall behind seat.good stealth.i thank u for all ur vids and im goin to check out ur floor plan site u advertised n see if i can get sum ideas.again t.y.and many blessings to u and i will be making my own videos as i go along.im in palm bch county so the weather is usually pretty good for getting started.

  • one main thing i gota learn is how the solor and battery system works.like how big a battery i need and solor panel.i hear the people describing wat size panel they have and how big a battery they have and wat kind of converter.i start hearing that and i have no clue how it relates to how long a charged battery lasts.what it can power.I have sum idea about or understand that propane can help power the fridge but wat i need to run other components over night or if i get an a.c.either way i idealy would want to fill my roof with as much solar panels as i could.and water id need as far as batteries as many as i could have to maximize self generated power ample enuff for fridge.lights tv .maybe some ac sum times but fans and fantastic fans probly enuff ..electric just seems to be the scariest part.lol.

  • Hi Bob! Thank you for sharing your videos. I love you so much brother.
    Quick question… can anyone with a regular vehicle also live there or do you have to have an RV or other living shell structure? Thank you in advance. Keep them videos coming. This is one of my favorites.

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  • I love the videos you make sir. They are very valuable to so many people, including baby boomers are not long from retirement and are in a squeeze financially. Thanks very much for all you do.

  • Are there any problems with staying in a popup in the dry areas like Arizona? I know my friends in Mississippi had problems with dry rot of the tent material, but that may not be a big issue in Arizona??

  • Good to know, even just for fun, or for a cool stopping point for vacationing, or even to hang out for a few months while you do that big business review and you want total peace while the kids are going crazy back home.

  • Be careful people,their some Serious screwed up people that live in those places. I've stayed a few & you always get one lunatic that stares at your camp or beggin for something

  • That area is dry air not witwhat is economic al h alot of humidaty in the are instead of air conditioning ..swampcooler many people in souther California in the desart area use swamp coolers cooler is