5 campfire foods you can make with tinfoil

Everything tastes better when cooked over a roaring campfire. Here are five foods you can wrap up, throw in and enjoy.

Going old school camping? Then how to roast the PERFECT marshmallow every time:

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  • The Romans thought drinking wine from a lead goblet made it taste better. High temperatures can leach aluminum into your food. Eventually you may remember the meal, but not what happened yesterday, That is how Alzheimers works.

  • "Scoutmaster"?! If you were really a Scoutmaster you'd be wearing a genuine BSA Scouting uniform. Calling yourself a "Scoutmaster" is an insult to those us who are real Scouts, Eagle Scouts and Scoutmasters. I've been a life long Scout myself. I grew up in Scouting and so did all 3 of my sons. Again, calling yourself "Scoutmaster" is an insult to all the real Scoutmasters who dedicate their time and lives to Scouting, the leadership and mentoring of real Scouts.

  • Remove the core of the apple instead of cutting in half and scooping out most of the inside. Peel apple and then put a cube of chocolate in one end to act as a plug, then fill with custard and plug the other hole with another cube of chocolate. Roll in sugar, cinnamon, or both and then wrap it in the foil.

  • Warm olives? I bet you could have warm macadamia nuts, warm giraffe tongue, and warm Doritos too? Warm??? Yea… when you put something in aluminum foil and then in the fire for a minute or two… it gets warm… #lame

  • Hi, I told someone about camping food with foil ages ago, no not watched his or this video, just saw the picture of the Apple. My, maybe his version is take an Apple, a Granny Smith, core it, fill a layer with Sultanas, next layer with Brown Sugar, maybe a centimetre each layer, till you get to top, wrap it in two layers of foil, and bake for twenty minutes in the ashes. What a tasty thing. Anyway you seem to be slagging whoever off, not sure why, so not going to watch video, is it jimmy saville or rolf harris doing the video, that of course I can understand. Why were no Scottish names mentioned in all these enquirys? Something wrong down there big time, well maybe not now seeing as they're locked up, scum. Two comments, well count now.