6 Month RV Trip Across America – Day 1

This video was Day 1 – Season 1. Watch the entire 6 months in under 3 min here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=If0BFJiEXuc

After months of planning, the day has finally come to put everything in storage and move into the RV to live full-time for the next six months.

An intro video is coming soon… but here’s a glimpse of the plan. Lake Powell, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone, Minnesota, Michigan, Montreal, Maine, Manhattan, DC, Florida, and Austin TX.

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  • Nice first video. I'm thinking of an RV trip across America too. Maybe starting in LA or the Bay Area, then ending in Toronto where my Sister lives. I'm just not sure exactly the best route to take. I also wanted to go through parts of Texas, but that would create a half moon shaped journey. Alternatively a more northerly arc, heading through Wyoming and eventually either to Detroit, then Toronto or up into Canada earlier and come down to Toronto? We would hire the RV.

  • Always get off the road if you can. I tell the kids you can always get a new rim. Not a new you. It is great someone stopped. Don’t forget to pay it forward 😉

  • Tip…carry two spares for the trailer. It is very common for one tire to fail that causes the second tire to fail as well. I had this happen in Florida on a Sunday the 23rd of December….first tire blew and the the second tire bubbled. Clean road with no pot holes, tire just came apart. I had a spare but I had to limp in because the other tire was damaged. Spent Christmas eve looking for trailer tires in Central Florida (BFE)…and needed to get to Asheville, NC. Sooooo….I carry 2 spares. Takes up space but I am covered.

  • I want to do this so much but just don’t know how to find the funds for it. Did you guys have a saving plan to make this possible? What a wonderful thing to do for your family ❤️