7 Must-Use RVing Kitchen Tips

For any RVer, cooking is usually next to the campfire or on the geeky kitchen gadgets that are designed specifically for RVers. In fact, having the right kitchen appliances can  save time and patience, but also your expenses.

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RV Kitchen AccessoriesAccording to Allen J,

“Lucky for us, the growing minimalism and healthy­-living-­on-­the-­go trends are on our side, stocking kitchenware department shelves with refreshed classic cookware and new gadgets that earn a spot in an RV galley”.

Here are some more Must-Have RVing Kitchen Tips

  • Foil Packets: Some of the yummiest campfire recipes are made with the help of aluminum foils. Click here to know how to use aluminum foil packets for better RV cooking.
  • Induction Burner: This is the best stove for RVers and as it is usually portable and electrical, usage is abundant.
  • Zip Lock Packs: For healthy food storage and preparation of RV cooking with Zip Lock packs, click here.
  • Skewer: Are ideal if you like roasted veggies and meat on a stick.
  • Cutter, Blender & food processor: A multitasking food processor that can also accommodate in cutting, grinding and blending is ideal for RVers.
  • Cutting Edge Collapsible Containers: These containers add more space to your RV kitchen and help in an effortless organization of your RV kitchen. A cutting edge solar oven is another amazing RV kitchen gadget that can help you fix you meals efficiently.
  • RV Kitchen Unclogging solvent
    Listen to a Veteran RVer talk about the ideal solvent for unclogging your kitchen sink

You can always use DIY methods to increase your RV Kitchen efficiency. What are your favorite tricks in your RV kitchen? Tell us in the comments below.


  • We bought used motorhome. First time out sink would not drain. I had baking soda and vinegar in RV/ Put baking soda in drain and poured vinegar in it. Drain opened almost instantly. I now use that method at home.

  • We keep a crock pot. Great for throwing dinner in, exploring all day, and coming back to dinner – quick and easy!

  • Paper towels! We use them to wipe out plates and bowls before we wash them, helps keep your dishwater cleaner and doesn’t put stuff in the sink that may cause clogging. Never want to run out of those.

  • Before making your video it would be good to take the brushes out of package. Make it less boring. Also those little sink drainers look annoying. Those flat rubber sink stoppers you get at Home Depot are great. I still say baking soda and vinegar is best . Woman talking does sound nice.

  • The best idea I know is to place a small airbake cookie sheet beneath the cooking grate in the oven (make sure not to cover the air holes with the cookie sheet). This distributes the heat from the burner so that your food bakes evenly in your oven. Love being able to bake biscuits and brownies while camping!

  • My instant pot…a sauté pan, crock pot & pressure cooker in one. Makes short time of all things good and the flavors meld together. That & my electric skillet get the most use…and of course the outdoor grill.

  • I make my own foil packets from heavy duty foil. More size control, thicker, and stores in same space as roll of foil. I love my two NuWave burners. Allows me to keep stovetop covered and that gives me more counter space. I have a great micro- convection- traditional baking oven that allows me to use my conventional oven to store backing pans. And I have a very nice electric heater in a wood cabinet that heats my entire living room in a cold Kansas winter. No stovetop, no oven, no furnace, equals no propane. Live full time in my coach and haven’t had to pull in slides to run up front of whichever park I’m in to fill up propane tanks in a year and a half.

    • See use our NuWave Induction burners instead of our stove. I love how fast and even everything cooks. Our best purchase ever. We even use them outdoors. My husband will grill and I’ll throw some pptatoes, onions, peppers, etc together in a pan. We bought the Scanpans. So easy and cleanup is a breeze.

  • So many of these tips require that you be plugged into power when camping. From this camper who has camped with no power many times my favorite camping item is a metal (aluminum) pail. You can find these in most hardware store. I heat water over the open campfire with this I have a lid from an old canner that fits it. I always have hot water this way and I can use the pail for other things too, cooking corn on the cob, or other large items. When I get home I spray the outside with easyoff oven cleaner, soot comes right off.

  • If you will rub a little dishwashing liquid on the outside of your pot prior to cooking over a
    fire, the soot will wipe right off.

  • I love the collapsible bowls!! I have almost every size. This will allow more space for other things. I am struggling with bringing my food processor. It’s not a large one but large enough to possibly take up much needed space.

    • Try using a bullet. Makes great smoothies and can blend many things in small quantities. Can chop nuts grind hard cheeses. We even made pesto in the bullet. That, a good knife and a grater should take care of most things that a processor will do.

  • I get “reward points” at work for a job well done, and collected/spent on a KitchenAid KHB2561CU 5-Speed Hand Blender. Has a chopper container (great for making quick work of a bulk bag of onions for a NASCAR race party for 100), a pitcher for whipping out a daquiri, or for things more mundane like mixing pancake batter. *I love it*, and the case it sits perfectly upright in the pantry cabinet so I don’t lose a lot of room needed for cans, cookware, etc.

  • We use a crockpot while on the road. Our fifth wheel has a 2000 watt inverter, and it powers the 100 watt crockpot just fine. Put the food in before departure, set it in the sink so it doesn’t slip slide away, and dinner is ready when we arrive at the day’s destination. An added bonus is the delightful aroma in the rig at rest stops! If you are buying a new rig and an inverter option is available, get it. Silent power anywhere anytime for just about any electrical device other than an electric heater or air conditioner.

  • When my sink stops up I pour about 1/2 cup of baking soda in it and then flush it with about 2 cups of vinegar. The gunk will float to the top and the sink stopper will shine and if the sink is stainless it too will shine.

  • After 3 years of pt Rving, I actually try to avoid the smelling grey tank issue by using a drain catcher with a fine metal screen. This cuts down on the clogs and smells that occur when you let stuff go diown drain

    • Put baking soda in your tanks at least once a year to avoid smell. A tablespoon in your potable won’t hurt you & will avoid smelling issues as well.

  • I’m new to tv’s about to buy a travel trailer.. Can you explain what an inverter is? I would love to be able to use a small crock pot even if we are not hooked up Is this something I can buy or something it has to be installed by a professional?

    • An inverter takes 12VDC and converts it to 120VOLTS AC. This allows you to plug a 120 VOLT appliance into the socket connected to the inverter. In your case, have a professional install the inverter. If done incorrectly you will destroy your rig

  • I use a NuWave Oven. It is great.You can even bake in it with silicone baking pans.Its great for steaks , chops ,bacon and more. Ypu can do a whole turkey in it if you have the extender ring. I even cook from frozen
    Makes everything so good. Air Fryer great too.

  • NuWave cooktop, crockpot and premade freezer meals are lifesavers. Homemade stuffed shells taste amazing in an RV oven.

  • We bought a camper in October and have not used it yet. What are some things we should have right off the bat? We haven’t even bought the hoses yet. Oh…and we’ve never camped before!

    • I would make sure you have the proper water hoses (ones that are for drinking water) and an extension cord for your camper in case your electrical is far. A small portable heater is good too – or you will be running your heater in propane. We keep some pots, frying pans, mugs, dish soap, cutlery, knives, can opener, rubber spatulas, cheese grater, and even a toaster in our travel trailer. You can google lists of things you should keep on hand!! Have fun with your camper!

  • Like a lot of these tips. But I don’t camp where there is power. And I don’t like to run the generator all the time. So many RV’s now days use way to much electric to light them that the power is used quickly. Found cooking and freezing things at home saves space and time. Spend the day out exploring, come in, heat and eat.

  • Good info. We have been camping for 13 years with our RV and love it. We are always learning things from other RVers. I keep a fully stocked camper so I don’t have to take things from the house. I will be buying a induction burner, Instant Pot, and a indoor/outdoor grill for when the weather is bad.

  • Brieftons Quick Pull Food Chopper can be used for chopping, whipping and mixing. No power required. It is amazing what can be done with the pull of a string. I love it!

  • I make large meals at home before our trips and make TV dinner up and freeze. Microwave them for a quick meal if you’ve been out site see. Or if you have a generator, heat in rest area when your traveling. Just like eating a fresh cooked meal at home . Happy Camping !