Story Of Chris’s Hilarious 7 RV Encounters With Cops

What happens when an RVer encounters cops?

Meet Chris, the Eric Cartman of the viral video- RV Encounters with Cops 😀

RV Encounters

According to a ten year veteran RVer- Chris– “You could be out there having a great time exploring and it just takes one person to call the cops”.

We decided to break down his hilarious viral video paraphrasing his 7 encounters with cops.

Here, check out the list of events, in which cops appeared in each RV Encounter owing to one neighbor who had ratted  on Chris:

  1. In Bloomington while traveling in a Class B, Chris was kicked out of his first camping space and had to shift to his room-mate’s living room floor until the course ended.
  2. En route to Denver from Indiana while in the same Class B, once the late night generator woke up some neighbors, who called the cops on Chris and his friends.
  3. Once a dutiful cop helped Chris out from a bully driver who was stopping him from entering the busy highway.
  4. In Arizona, which is Chris’s home town, he got towed when he parked the RV on a mini-driveway, confusing it as a side walk.
  5. In Eureka, California, when going to Alaska from Arizona, once stealth camping did not work (again) for Chris.
  6.   Another time when camping en route to Alaska, when Chris’s girlfriend stopped at a park to do her yoga, the neighbors called the cops on them. While Chris was editing his videos on Phone, neighbors misinterpreted the same and called the cops!
  7. The last time when a neighbor called the cops on Chris was because they thought he was spying on their neighborhood.

Chris says that, an uber-stealth RV is no good as all it takes is one person to ruin your experience.

Here, check out his viral RV Encounter story in the video below:

Hence, next time when you’re in town, check with your neighbors, if they are fine with,  setting down to camp. Tell us about your own brave RV Encounters with cops below.


  • Well here’s a good one-my hubby is a state cop and we were on vacation in Denver, CO camping outside my nephews house for the 4th in our class C. My husband goes into the camper to take a nap when someone bangs repeatedly on the door screaming for “LYLE”. Apparently this was his sister and she was cocked out of her mind. She was also high on something. My husband was going to send her on her way when he saw a small head pop up from the backseat of the car she had been driving. She drove around drunk/high with a 2 year old- no car seat and drug items all over the backseat. Claims she was babysitting. He told her he would check the back yard for Lyle and told us to call PD. She was eventually taken away and the little one was taken to hospital for evaluation.