8 Crazy Cool RVing Hacks, Tips & Tricks

It is easy to fall into the same old habits shortly after becoming an RV owner. Once you learn how to use your rig, you will probably repeat the same patterns over and over again for years to come. While that isn’t always a bad thing, it never hurts to take a fresh look at some of the ways you use your rig. With that in mind, the following eight RVing ‘hacks’ just might alter how you see your RV experience moving forward.

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#1 – Pick Up a Wi-Fi Booster

Even though you are out on a vacation with family or friends, you still want to be connected to the world around you. In the modern world, that means one thing – Wi-Fi. To make sure you can take advantage of the Wi-Fi signal that may be offered by your campground, pick up an inexpensive Wi-Fi booster that can extend the range of a useable signal.

#2 – Use Your Own Containers

It is easy to keep things in the containers that they come in straight from the store, but those containers may not fit conveniently in your cupboards. To save space, pick up a selection of your own containers which can be used to house food and other items that are coming along for the trip.

#3 – Non-Slip Liner is a Must

Okay – so this is a tip that is pretty familiar to most RV owners, but it needs to be included in our list anyway. By adding non-slip liners to your cabinets and cupboards, you can help limit the amount of movement that takes place while driving along. This isn’t a perfect fix, of course, but it certainly is a big help.

#4 – Pad Your Awning Arms

Every RV owner knows the feeling of walking head-first into the brace that holds up one side of your awning. That is a headache that you won’t soon forget, so use something portable as padding when your awning is extended. There are a number of options for this job, but those foam pool noodles are a good choice – and they are inexpensive as well.

#5 – Suction is Your Friend

Looking for places to store more items neatly as you travel? Storage space is always at a premium in an RV, so take advantage of one thing that you should have in abundance – windows. Use trays with suction cup attachments to stick small storage bins to windows that you don’t need to see out of while on the road.

#6 – Battery Powered Lights

Many RV owners complain that their rigs do not include enough lighting, but it can be difficult and expensive to wire in more lights. So, rather than going the permanent route, pick up some battery powered lights which can be ‘stuck’ into position to add to your lighting options.

#7 – Bungee Straps

It might seem like an impossible task to keep your cabinet doors closed when you are driving down a bumpy road, but a few bungee straps can take care of this problem in short order. Simply loop a small bungee cord around a couple of cabinet doors and they will remain tightly shut until you are off the road.

#8 – Upgrade Your Shower Head

The standard shower head that is included with most RV leaves something to be desired. However, if you are willing to spend just a small amount of money on a new head, you can enjoy an improved shower for very little cost. Pick out a shower head that mixed air within the water to make the flow feel more luxurious without actually using any extra water.