8 Things To Do Before Shipping Your RV

Transporting your RV might seem terrifying however, with the technology that we have today, it is easy to ship an RV without worrying.

According to, Ricardo Gonzalez (of Uship Shipping Services), if you as a customer are well prepared, a lot of money can be saved while Shipping Your RV.

Shipping Your RV

Here are our expert tips on Shipping Your RV safely: 

  1. Consider all options- whether to tow or drive your RV, to transport the RV, thoroughly before confirming on it.
  2. Cross-check DOT (Department of Transport) and MC (Motor Car) numbers as all U.S legal carriers must have the aforementioned.
  3. Cross-check if you have left any personal item on-board
  4. Double check if your locks, cupboard doors, curtain hangers and windows are tight in place
  5. Disconnect all electronic appliances in the RV
  6. Ensure your RV is ready to be driven (in emergencies)
  7. Remove all Wall hangers
  8. Discuss any emergency procedures (operational history) that the company should know while towing or driving your RV

Here, check out some brilliant ways of Shipping Your RV!

Tell us your own experiences of transporting your RV, in the comments below.