9 RVing Essentials

There are certain pieces of equipment that you simply must have with you when you head out for an RV adventure. One of the nice things about going RVing is that many of your necessary items are already built in to the RV – things like your bed, a dining table, etc. – but there are still other items which you will want to include for the trip. In this article, we have highlighted nine RVing essentials which you will not want to go without.

#1 – Folding Chairs

That’s right – the first thing on our list is outdoor furniture – even though your RV has plenty of furniture built into its design. Folding chairs are important because you will want to be able to spend time outside while on your trip. You can retreat to the RV at night, or when the weather turns ugly, but being outside as much as possible is what camping is all about.

#2 – Dishes

You should be able to prepare most, or all, of your meals during your trip thanks to the kitchen included in your RV. However, that RV kitchen won’t do you any good if you fail to bring along a set of dishes. Consider picking up an affordable set which can remain in your RV so you are always ready for a trip on short notice.

#3 – RV Toilet Paper

The inclusion of a bathroom is often the thing that causes people to pull the trigger on an RV purchase. Rather than having to walk through the cold and dark to use the restroom at the campground, you can use the toilet in your RV and go right back to bed. To use your RV facilities properly, bring RV-specific toilet paper along each time you travel.

#4 – Road Flares

Hopefully, you will make it to your destination without any issues along the way. However, if a problem does pop up along the road – such as an overheated engine on a long mountain pass – you might want some road flares to highlight your position for safety.

#5 – First-Aid Kit

Speaking of safety, a first-aid kit is another item which should be automatically included when you head out for a vacation. You don’t need to have an entire hospital in your RV, but you should have the basics so you can treat minor cuts and scrapes. Considering the fact that you will likely be active during your trip, there is a chance that an injury will occur.

#6 – Potable Water Hose

When you camp at an RV park with water supply, you will want to have your white potable water hose ready and available. Plumbing your RV with fresh water throughout your trip allows you to bring a comfort from home out into the wild.

#7 – Bedding

The beds you will be sleeping on are built into the RV, but that doesn’t mean you will automatically have bedding available. Check to see what you have left on the RV from your last trip, and make sure you have a comfortable set of blankets, sheets, and pillows for a cozy night of sleep.

#8 – Rain Gear

In a perfect world, the rain would never settle in while you were travelling in your RV. This is not a perfect world, however, and you will encounter some rainy days along the way. Pack some basic rain supplies so you can still have a good time even if the weather is less-than-ideal.

#9 – Basic Tools

Your RV is basically a rolling house, and as such, there is a chance that some things will need to be repaired during your trip. Keep a standard tool kit in your RV with basic supplies for fixing some of the common problems which can come up during a camping trip.


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