Adco Travel Trailer RV Cover Review –

Adco Travel Trailer RV Cover Review –
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  • The ADCO cover looks good, but it lasted approximate 11 months before tearing. Yes, I did take precautions and covered the sharp points of the trailer with foam from a pool noodle. We also live in Southern AZ and it gets hot with over 300 days of sun per year, but I thought it would last at least a year and a half. My brother also had the same ADCO cover for his 24โ€™ toy-hauler too and it lasted only one year before it started to rip due to sun damage. If you live in an UV intensive area like the southwest Iโ€™d try something else.

  • These covers are garbage, I bought one for my travel trailer , and trust me the cover is not durable as this guy stated. I wonder how much ADCO pays him to do this review.
    ADCO will replace the cover but with me paying the shipping cost of $35.
    The cover lasted less than a year before tearing. Don't waist your money.