Airstream Camping Week 2 – Buying a Gun

Airstream Camping Week 2 – Buying a Gun
For our second week on the road in our Airstream full-time, we stop at Maumelle Park in Little Rock, AR, Coffee Creek RV Park in Santo, TX, and finally …

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  • So as a "man" do you not see yourself as very effeminate by going along with this vegan lifestyle. Just never met a real man who acted like that. Aside from being unhealthy on a long-term basis, it just strikes me as very sissie or effeminate.

  • What I like about you is that you don't act like you know everything and are learning. Plus you have a soft cozy bunny to snuggle up with.

  • Dude, you really should buy a real gun. Its been said…
    "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away."
    We must be our own first responders.
    As an Army vet, its dangerous NOT to be armed. My recommendation…the both of you should take a CCW class.

  • First time to watch your videos! Buy a decent size rug and set next to your steps to the RV to keep your shoes clean, sand off, and use rug to set your outside chairs on and keep sand off the shoes! A Streamin Life shares this on their videos…. Thank you from Wisconsin! (One decent sized rug). Do you both have jobs? How did you finance your Airstream?

  • The bunny is adorable. The bunny has the run of the home. Doesn't the bunny do his of her thing? What goes in must come out. Or have you trained bunny to use the toliet?

  • Speaking of guns I realize you were joking and that's fine. Guns are not for everyone and you may plan to travel in restrictive regions that make having a firearm difficult. However, You may want to consider security. Driving a nice expensive truck and camper might make you a target for thugs in some places. Enjoy your travels and good luck.

  • Love your videos and the food. You've answered my questions on travelling vegan with an animal. Looking forward to seeing how you handle the heat in summer. You're inspirational. All the best.

  • Fwiw, you can buy a spray can of white grease suitable for hitches. I forget what brand I bought but we coat the hitch ball with it every time we hook up. Nothing worse than not being able to unhitch.

  • wouldn't be a bad idea to get a real one, in case shit; out in the wilderness, camp grounds, and boondocking, just a matter of when, not if.

    #shiny Airstreams are neon targets, sadly .o/

  • For me, this is the first time I have ever seen it snowing in the middle of the sand dunes. For me, that much sand and it snowing do not mix, LOL. Cool though.