America's best known RV technicians discuss RV maintenance & repair

America's best known RV technicians discuss RV maintenance & repair
Mark Polk and Gary Bunzer sat down for 10 minutes at the Sept., 2013 Hershey RV Show to talk about several topics that their readers most often request — RV …

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  • My husband and myself are first time rv owners. we purchased a 1992 pace arrow fleetwood and the overhead ac just doesnt blow strong or cool much at all. we were hooked up to electric and I know it was a 15 amp breaker. not sure if it would be better if we were hooked up to 50 amp.? prettt lost lol

  • Mr. Bunzer, let me first say, Keystone offered me $15k and said we could keep our 2014 Mountaineer providing we would sign to release them of all liabilities, (What does this say regarding how they manufacturer their RV's?) or they would buy back our RV for what we paid for it providing it was in the same condition as their technical manager seen it when he and I began looking at it. While looking at it Mr. Carolus Garett stopped and threatened me resulting in my calling sheriff's department. I am interested in selling copies of this incident report because I spent more monies because Keystone refused to authorize any warranty work for us. We are also interested in selling copies of my 120 page complaint we sent Keystone president before right rear fairing began slipping off because not one fastener was installed to hold this fairing on. I uploaded a few second video of this on YouTube under, Terry Mishler. Selling dealer Gibb's RV Superstore in Oregon sold me a slide-out seal during warranty period but refused to install it. To day our RV is in three piles. Please know, I have not seen one "brake away switch" installed as per manufacturers installation instructions. Why haven't you made a teaching video on this? Best regards, Terry and Ruth Mishler