An Airstream Travel Day: From New Mexico to Boondocking in Colorado

An Airstream Travel Day: From New Mexico to Boondocking in Colorado
On this Airstream Life vLog, it’s an Airstream travel day. We hitch up the Airstream, say goodbye to Taos and hit the road to Colorado. The drive goes smoothly …

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  • I bought the Costco hashbrowns you've recommended in 2017 videos and love them. I dropped the comment here so others see it. I'm still catching up. Thanks for the great travel trailer tips, useful for those of us who only get out a few times a year as well.

  • I guess the Airstream is a bit less affected by the wind than an RV with straight sides. Also the Airstream is low, and low is good in wind, if not so good for ground clearance. Location is really splendid!

  • I know someone who made a portable tent-type covering for his camera. It is nice because he gets time lapse shots that of sunrises and sunsets that are fabulous. The views at boondocking spots are usually better than paid ones in the same area.

  • Mmmm…salad! The hubs and I love salad! He lost a ton of weight years ago just by cutting wheat out of his diet😉 and we've never looked back!! I 2nd the request for the Thai peanut recipe, pleeeeease😊 Whata fabulous life you've created!! Cute pups 🐾💕 I haven't spend much time in the dessert but have seen some beautiful clips on YouTube! I bet the night sky is stunning😱

  • I was wondering what app that was you've been showing! Thanks! Will you do some more videos sharing your meal prep & ideas as well as how you guys do your meal planning? I know this sound silly but I've been horrible at this the past several years and trying to do better and wondering how it's going to work in a tiny trailer! TIA!