Are you following this Campground Etiquette?

If you follow this Campground Etiquette you will have a memorable camping experience. Campground Etiquette is not hard or a stiff rule, but a set of guidelines from veterans to help you make the most out of your campground experience.

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According to Mark Polk,

“These are the rules that RVers learn over time and practice out of respect for other campers, the campground owners and the environment. When you arrive at the campground you should always observe campground etiquette”.

Campground Etiquette

RVer Camping Etiquette to Follow

  • Be a Good Neighbor: If any of the other RVers in the campground needs help, extend the best of your skills.
  • Be a Good Samaritan: Be alert of your surroundings and protect the campground at all times.
  • Departure: Leave the campground as you were given.
  • Pets: Leash them when in a campground.
  • Privacy: Respect your neighbor’s camp space.
  • Waste: When using dumping stations, clean it after use.
  • Burning rules: Do not burn Plastic and likewise things that can create a noxious or choking odor.
  • Noise and Light: When at night, minimize your singing, talking, music and other loudness levels. When moving around at night, use dim lights at night.

If your campground has a special Rulebook, follow them all! These rules are to help all campers in an RV Park or campground have an equally rewarding and peaceful camping experience.

What is your Camping Etiquette? Share with us in the comments below. 😀


  1. And, never, ever walk through someone’s campsite EVER. That is THE rudest thing you could ever do. It’s like walking into someone’s living room.

  2. Barb I am a full time rv’er, just curious why you think washing or flushing off your jet ski is not permitted in the campground?

    • For the same reason you shouldn’t wash your car or RV on the site…
      In many campgrounds, potable (fresh) water has to be treated and there is an additional cost associated with that! Other CGs have spring water and may be in limited supply…

    • Flushing a Ski with fresh water involves running water through the engine block with the engine running. Then most people Rev the engine a few times to blow the water out. When not submerged in the water, the exhaust is very loud and obnoxious. I had one for years, and I never would have done this where it would disturb others.

  3. My two pet peeves! Pick up your dogs droppings/waste/poop! We have no pets and we pick up others dogs droppings! Also, many times people have walked through our camp. Such rude people. It makes me want to get yellow caution tape! We have only 2 outdoor chairs and one small barbecue, so our area is small.

  4. And those darned blasted outdoor lights on campers. Turn them off if it’s shining on another camper. Some are so bright we don’t need to turn on a light to go to the potty! I can’t believe that some are so ignorant to leave very bright lights on all night.

  5. Keep your kids within eye sight, if they are at the playground….so are you. Kids shouldn’t go hanging around other campsites. Warn your children, even if the animal is friendly, not to run up to it. Yes, pick up after your dog better yet, leave yappy dogs at home. Don’t assume that you are the only one that needs to shower.

  6. I abide by the rules of not walking close to other camps sites but I am not so pozeif of my little piece of grass that if someone step on it to get out way traffic also I am handcuffed and around the block can be difficult when it’s only a couple step to cut across . I have had to call my wife to come and get me because of inconcederat campers.they will be older someday!

  7. Don’t assume your neighbors want to hear your music, or want your tent 10 feet from your fire pit or table. Don’t keep yelling at the barking dog, remove it from the situation. You may be accustomed to tuning it out, but your neighbors are not.

    • I so agree with the music. I hear over and over how cool it is that they have outdoor speaker, and I so want to beat the speakers with a hammer when they blare the music all day and late into the night. I love music, but as I warned my kids. Just because you like it doesn’t mean everyone else does. As for barking dogs I own a dog, but she doesn’t bark, because she was train that way. I pick up after her, and make sure she mines her manners as I would expect of my children. I don’t like owners who don’t train their pets, and don’t care what they do.

  8. We have had people walk thru our site. Not only on the grass but on the small cement patio while we are sitting there. Have also had other peoples kids playing kick the can right on top of us while trying to enjoy a camp fire. The parents were right there at another site close by and never said a word to them. That is rude.

    • Actually had a couple cut through our site from a nearby hiking trail then sit down on our picnic table while she waited for her husband to go to restroom across from our site.( without saying anything to us)😂

  9. One thing I find extremely rude is when a camper just comes over and asks if they can see the inside of your camper…….HUH??? It baffles me. It’s my home, I wouldn’t go to your house and ask you if I can see your living room. Then, cursing…….I can’t stand camping and listening to my neighbor run a whole line of expletives at their children because they have lost their patients. If camping is that stressful, stay home!

  10. We were at a KOA where we shared a staggered common patio. Essentially my bedroom window was directly across from their front door. Anyway not only did they leave their outside light on all night but they had these huge globe patio light on the edge of their awning. Their awning extended about 3ft from our bedroom window. Each globe had about 100 watt bulb. I knocked on their door no one was home. I caught them the next morning. They were out night fishing all night long!!!

  11. Most of these rules NEED to be enforced by the campground owners/management. We as campers can do nothing but report it to them, but THEY need to be on our side, and not simply brush our well-founded complaints.

  12. And another thing, nobody, I MEAN NOBODY, loves your dog as much as you do. Never allow your dog to jump on someone else. And there is nothing more annoying than a barking or yapping dog. Keep them quiet, AT ALL TIMES.

  13. These are nice guidelines that few follows. With rv’s with outside tv’s and stereos, people seems to think their neighbors want to hear that noise. And some take being a noise neighbor to far telling people what they think the are doing is wrong. I know how to set up my rv and don’t need their so-called help

  14. I stay at a campground that is a family oriented place we all keep an eye on our children. When weekenders come it is play time or vacation. Wish some would watch there kids more. Other than that I have no problem with some wanting to fish off the bank of my sight as long as they pick up there mess.

  15. I would emphasize leaving your campsite clean, period. We often have to clean up someone else’s trash (plastic & paper goods, cigarette butts, etc.) And remember the BBQ is not a trash can! Thank you so much!

  16. To many parks, are made where there spaces are to close together. Have been to some where you can see into the trailer next door. That it to close for a country girl who are on a vacation, and want to get away from kids, dogs and loud neighbors!

  17. I had some neighbors pull in pop the trunk and crank up their head banging music until about 1am. At 5:30am i cranked up some Hank Sr for their enjoyment. That girl didn’t look real happy when she crawled out of that tent but we had a new understanding after that and got along well from then on.

  18. Nothing is more frustrating that someone chopping firewood at 6am, just outside your bedroom slide out. Having a young adult in a tent and both of us were awoken to this. I’m sorry you need to cook over a fire in the morning but really, think about it. As for your conversation level, I really don’t need to hear your entire menu, when and where you are going shopping, who is coming to your next event. Yes, we did book this site and we booked it before you since we are on it and you are not. They complained non stop and apologized to their company more than 10 times that they normally have the site we were on, oh well. This all took place on our first weekend out this year. We try our best being newbies in a 5th wheel and we are learning we like quiet, spacious sites. The less activities, the more I like the campground. The state parks have been our haven.

  19. One camper this past weekend had his 5000 watt industrial jobsite generator running maxed out at midnight.. I went over and shut it off.

  20. Some campgrounds disallow campers from taking photos anywhere outside of their camper. I guess campers feel that being inadvertantly photographed is an intrusion to their privacy. Your thoughts….

  21. It seems that the younger generation camping now thinks it’s ok for their kids to walk thru every bodies sites,I see it all the time ,I never left my kids walk thru others sites while at a campground ,following the rules makes it better experience for all.

  22. Ok, everyone has had noisy neighbors, bright lights, and obnoxious kids or dogs. It happens. So you have a choice. You can gripe and complain or yell at them about it, thus letting it ruin your camping experience. Or you can politely speak to them about it. Yes, I know they might ignore it and continue the bad behavior, but I’ve found that most folks respond well and change the behavior. If they don’t, I have a choice to ignore it and figure out how to focus on what’s good at my campsite more than focusing on what’s wrong.

  23. Privacy is definitely a top issue when we go camping. As is cleaning up after your pet. Another issue not listed is following the posted speed limits in the campground. Most campgrounds have a 5 mph speed limit but many campers treat the campground as their own personal racetrack.

  24. I try and follow the rules from my back packing days when out camping, Pack out what you pack in and leave your site in better condition than it was found in, even if it does mean picking up other peoples trash. Most campgrounds have rules about keeping dogs on a leash. Nothing worse than having a dog come and sniff your supper you just put out on a table. Personally I do not care for dogs, ( cat person) but dont mind the odd bark . I dont mind kids cutting through my campsite on occasion , we we all young once too , right?. I have a rather unique looking trailer that I built myself and pull with a 1978 truck. so I get request from people wanting to look closer or see the inside. I feel quite honoured by them. In 40 plus years of camping , averaging several weeks a year, I have only had a couple of nights spoiled by noisy neighbours, ( usually adults and usually drunk ) Happy Camping everyone!

  25. When you stop at a State Park and arrogant owners of large Motor Homes park in front of the best views because their units don’t fit in the Parking lot.. That is arrogant at the first degree. …..

  26. If you are a smoker, please don’t walk up to other campers open doors with a burning cigarette in your mouth. Most of us are there for some fresh air. It’s very frustrating.


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