C.W. Elliott

C.W. Elliott, here, an avid follower of RVing Fun. I am retired from being a Public Safety officer in Washington, D.C., with over 40 years of involvement with law enforcement and/or fire/rescue, now living in Corsica, PA (which is 2hr. North of Pittsburgh, and 2 hr. South of Erie). I have a wonderful "extended' family as well as my own "Left Brain" (Carol), two great stepchildren, and a Son-in-Law and Grand children, to-which I have lost my heart, forever. We have had some strange, terrific, humorous, and somewhat unnerving experiences that I will be honored and pleased to share with everyone. As you can tell from reading my offerings-here, I do enjoy writing. I am interested in obtaining a paying part-time job, to augment my retirement funds, perhaps three days/week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays). I can write and/or edit anything you need; ad copy, manuals, anecdotal stories , romance stories, etc. If you need someone for this purpose on a repeating occurrence, and are willing to pay a reasonable minimal rate, please contact me on my Facebook Page ( C.w. Elliott) or at my email address (lonrgr@hotmail.com). Thank You!