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Backpacking food. Pasta is a great backpacking food especially with a little bit of salt and pepper and butter. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE …

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God’s Woodsman

  • I am sorry dude I dont like to talk bad to others, but as a person that loves to cook both in the kitchen and in the woods, I will have to say that must be the most boring and wrong balanced meal I have seen for a long time. You have lots of carbs, lots of fat, too much salt and NO protein. This is not food, its just something to fill your belly with, you will not run good for a long time on this diet, its horrible. With just one ingredient more you could have made this to a well balanced meal, and with two you would have made it into a lovely meal. If you added any kind of meat to it (bacon is a good idea) you will have the 3 sources you need for a good meal. If you had tomato sause or some cheese to put into that it would have been heaven. I have to give you a thumbs down on this, and I dont recommend anyone to use eat this as fuel while outdoors. If you are a veggie you could have added cheese and peas and you would get the fuel you need as well, sorry dude this will not cut it. You see even if you like the taste it does not matter, the meal will not give you what you need.

  • Is that a Glock 26?
    I love to see people that exercise there 2nd amendment rights. You are a very smart individual for carrying a weapon, while hiking and camping in remote areas as you do.

    Better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.

    Thanks for the video

  • Next time you get a pizza somewhere, ask them if you could get a few packets of there Parmesan cheese. (they always offer packets of cheese and pepper flakes.) They are perfect for the ultra light backpacker or hiker and they make the pasta taste even that much better.
    Thanks again

  • there are better things than pasta for the outdoors. easy thing is couscous. buckwheat as well. just add some of youf favourite soup and voila. very adaptable too with cheese, fresh vegetables, sausages, you name it….

  • So how does the gun thing work? If you see a bear you shoot it leaving it wounded (or dead) just because you want to go camping? why not use some kind of spray/repellent against animals so you don't have to kill them/wound them?

  • OMG ! Really ???? Pasta with salt, pepper and butter? xD And you made a video? πŸ˜€ 11 minutes where have of the time you were looking for salt and pepper πŸ˜€ C`mon ! πŸ˜€

  • Love pasta on the trail. Try this, Put pasta in a freezer bag with water and soak it for An hour and a half. Then it only takes 2 minutes to cook. Sure its a bit heavier to carry but its great.

  • So since eleven months I am on the go and my favourites for food on the go are; pasta and rice. They pack very well, dont need much to cook with, are very nutritious and taste pretty ok easily. You can always add berries and some salads you find on the way.

    Also I often bring canned sauces (pasta) or beans (rice), which can be used later on as stoves or to make coals. Or plenty other uses.

  • Not sure if I’m more annoyed by the fact you made an 11 min video on making pasta with butter, or the fact that I watched all 11 mins… Anyway…