BACON CHEESEBURGER on a Campfire! | 28 Day Fire Challenge | Food & Fire

BACON CHEESEBURGER on a Campfire! | 28 Day Fire Challenge | Food & Fire
DAY 18 28 Day Fire Challenge WELCOME to my 28 Day Fire Challenge! This is the challenge where I go out every day no matter what the weather (it’s February …

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Girl in the Woods

  • No, no, please don't stare at the fire……Looking longingly into the fire…..and you will see things you never saw before.. try it . like meditating.. works

  • What a lovely girl you are. Fire, cocoa, fur-baby, GOURMET BURGER, POETRY, Smoke in the breeze, wind in the woods, You must be in Florida. Love Y'all and your vids, especially the POETRY. Your cooking is AMAZING. I'M Addicted. Thank You.

  • Hi Brooke…me and my wife wanted to suggest you to try Indian chai in your camps 😊 Basically replace coffee with Tea leaves!! How about that for an idea 💡 I am sure you might have many other ideas but this should be a quick one 😊👍🏻 Keep camping and vlogging!

  • I always wondered how you do it. I know it takes time to get out and make your campfire videos, especially every day. Your videos make me hungry! I kind of wonder what your husband thinks of this daily campfire thing your doing and all the time it takes? Suggestions: How about something with beef tips. How about tips on how to find a place to build a shelter, where allowed. Just make any video. I'm sure it will be good. PS. I noticed the full moon very early this morning also, It was really bright and beautiful.

  • Just discovered your channel and enjoyed sitting round the campfire with you. Just a quick question about your cocoa. Do you prepare all the ingredients at home or is it a ready made affair?

  • Fantastic! What a lot of work to not only get out every day and have a campfire and cook something, but to also record everything with dynamic camera angles and then to edit it all. What an incredible amount of dedication and work. Thank you so much for these incredible videos. I look forward every day to seeing your campfire and the wonderful food you make. Of course Mazey Dazey is a wonderful addition, too.

  • Brooke, please can you arrange so we watchers can experience this in smellovision haha?! My mouth is watering again! Ghost stories would be a great idea. Are you happy to do that at night for a better atmosphere?

  • That collie is very generous to let you have some screen time in these productions. You are very funny. I ended up eating again after watching this. I always eat after watching your productions. Now I need to skip rope and do a run because I have been binge watching your productions. You and the collie are a real hoot.