Bacon & Egg Breakfast On The Firebox Camp Stove & Coffee!

Bacon & Egg Breakfast On The Firebox Camp Stove & Coffee!

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I had big plans to go solo camping somewhere awesome. When I couldn’t make it work out I settled for camping at my favorite tree. After all, I had all the groceries. It was a cold night, followed by a pretty cold morning, but it was nice to unwind and do some camp cooking over the Folding Firebox Camp Stoves and tinker with some bushcraft and survival skills.

The bacon was the thickest I have ever had and the hash browns were perfect with the eggs running down into them, everything all cooked in that bacon grease! It was awesome!

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  • These are the most impractical piece of camping gear I have ever seen. I was on a trip with a guy who had one. It did not cook even. He messed up good steak twice and bacon was burnt but raw at the same time some how. We told him if he brought the thing next time he would not make it out alive. He was the type that insisted on doing all the cooking too. I imagine that would be the type of person that would purchase this item… Can't be consistent cooking with the fire boxes. They require to much finessing.