No need to take your RV to the shop for basic Onan generator service when you can do it yourself and save a ton of cash. All you need is your model number, …

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  • Very helpful video. Good tip to add oil to the filter before putting it back on. One additional step I think is important. Before putting the new filter back I like to wipe the oil and dirt from the oil filter rubber sleeve under the genset. This helps to avoid contaminating your new filter when you slip it through the sleeve.

  • Great video. This was very helpful when tuning my generator. My only comment, when facing the generator, changing the right side spark plug was a real PITA. There is a heat shield I needed to loosen and bend back in order to get the socket in. Although the shield had an opening for access it was off and wouldn't allow the socket to fit through the opening. Once I had the socket on the plug I was unable to connect a ratchet even with the swivel. The socket I used had a hex on the ratchet end so I was able to use an open end wrench instead of a ratchet. Thanks for posting!