Best Lil Fridge for Boondocking in Van or Camper

Best Lil Fridge for Boondocking in Van or Camper
My latest issue while traveling was keeping my groceries fresh. My initial cooler was grossly inadequate for my needs causing many problems, but a previously …

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  • Nice video but I'm not quite understanding the need for a refrigerator. Get on line and look up the veggies and fruits and condiments that don't need refigeration. Learn to prep food with canned or freeze dried foods now available in every large supermarket. For the days where you want to splurge which should not be often, rely on a 5day ice chest. Soft drinks cans and beer cans can cool down nicely in a water bath in the shade and breeze. Indigenous people rely on clay pots within a pot lined with wet sand covered with a white damp cloth.. Good enough for fruit and vegetables, kind of like a root cellar. As for ice cream, get one serving at a time . We are spoiled. We want what we want at all. Just alter your minset and stop trying to recreate all the comforts of home.

  • You might want to keep an eye on your Alpicool C20 some of them have a problem where the compressor does not switch off sometimes and the compressor gets very very hot. The only way to stop it running is pull the plug, that's if your around to do that!

  • From the looks of your experiment had the ice cream been by itself or with frozen water, like a bag of ice, it would have remained frozen. Given more hours the heat from the water may have been removed and the ice cream refrozen. Missing info was the temperature of the water bottles when you put them in. Looks like bottles were at room temperature water.

  • Another reason why the alpicool is more efficient is because it's opening is at the top. With the other cooler every time you open it all the cold air pours out, as hot air rises and cold air sits on the bottom. With the alpicool when you open the top you're not losing all of your cold air every time you open the door.

  • YOu keep leaving off "hours" when you're quantifying electricity usage. When running in the freezer mode, did you mean 38 amp hours for the day? This looks like a very cool fridge. Just looked it up on Amazon and the current cost is $239. Plenty of room for just me. And by the way, love your videos. You do an excellent job of presentation and level of detail. I keep forgetting you're a Canadian and then you hit us with "oat" instead of "out" and that's a swift kick of reminder right there. LOL.

  • Excellent video. Wish you'll be reviewing more coolers. (watched the entire video at 1.75x speed btw 😛 ) Thank you for taking the time and happy travels

  • Hi! Slim I watched all of your video.and I learned a lot from them. After watching this video, I bought a Alpicool works great.thanks for your helpful information.I will following you along and have a safe trip.also drive carefully.