Bison Fighting In An RV Park!

WOW! I would not want to be in that tent….

(please allow a minute for the video to fully load)

Have you ever been this close to bison? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Typical. The one time you need Buffalo Bill and he is nowhere to be found….unless he’s the one with the camera.

    We were once (1998) surrounded by a heard on the road in Wichita Mountains State Park in western Oklahoma. We were at a stand still until they decided to move on. Several walked past us on both sides coming as close as 3-4 feet from our vehicle.

  2. We were tent camping one time and I woke up in the morning,(I think it was in the Wichita Mountains in OK.) opened the tent flap and stare a bison in the face! I quickly closed the flap, waited a few minutes, then looked out again and he was wandering off. When we got up and around we could see bison tracks all around the camp. Scary moment.

  3. In Yellowstone we were in the middle of a buffalo jam. Cars in front and behind us, buffalo on both sides of us, and we were on a motorcycle!

  4. My husband and I were on the way to Sturgis and went through Custer State Park. We were sitting on our motorcycles waiting for the HERD to cross the road. It was hair raising to say the least.

  5. On a day trip to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, I saw a “cute” calf about twenty feet on the other side of a chain link fence separating huge tracts of the prairie land there. I dropped to a knee next to the fence and inserted the long lense of my 35 mm camera through a square of the chain link and snapped off a few shots. I heard a “Ungh” from a big adult about 20 yards to my left, but didn’t think much about it and kept shooting. I heard another, louder “UNGH!” and noticed the big one was looking at me, but all seemed to be okay. I dropped my eyes to the camera again only to hear ‘thumpity thumpity Thumpity THUMPITY’ and raised my head just as an 1800 pound black and brown blur dashed across and SCRAPED HER HORN AGAINST THE FENCE inches in from of me as she charged by. Needless to say, I beat a very hasty retreat (I wasn’t going to trust a flimsy fence for protection from a mad momma!) I now know what “ungh” means in buffalo. It means, “You are too cottin, pickin, close to my youngun, mister. GET AWAY!” How about that….I can now speak buffalo!

  6. Unfortunately, many ignorant people have been hurt because they think these wild animals are tame. There are signs all over Yellowstone Park saying to stay away from the animals and you still see people standing way too close to take pictures. The animals might look peaceful, but they can get very aggressive in a hurry if they feel intimidated, particularly if they have young ones around.


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