Blue Ridge Parkway and Other Mountain Roads – RV Travel to the Smoky Mountains National Park

Blue Ridge Parkway and Other Mountain Roads – RV Travel to the Smoky Mountains National Park
In search of those fall foliage colors, I drive the Blue Ridge Parkway, the sinuous Tail of the Dragon, the Road to Nowhere, the Foothills Parkway and through the …

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Traveling Robert

  • Hi Robert, I have watched many of your videos and love your work. I know you do your own music and your narrations are fun and professional. In this one loved the comment that you took Two Seven-minute hikes! My kind of hikes. Keep em coming.

  • I used to do motorcycles rides up from Florida in that region back in the 90's and early 2000's. Haven't been back since then but will be in that area in about a month with another motorcycle. It is absolutely beautiful up there…

  • As always, great video. To see great Fall colors, you need to go to New England. It starts at the beginning of October in way Northern New England to Mid-October in Central and Southern New England.

  • We did the Tail Of The Dragon on a motorcycle. My husband was going a bit faster then I wanted. It was exciting and scary. I have been binge watching your videos for the past few days, I love them!

  • It took you all the video to finally see the Fall colors and you wait to go home. Hell, you should stayed a few more days. The colors would have improved. Then you would have seen the colors as you back tracked south. By the way, why did you apologized so much in this video. Boring to hear constantly.

  • TAIL OF THE DRAGON, If you don't care about your life, PLEASE go and take your chances. If you do care about life, don't go. BECAUSE the IDIOT ASS BIKERS who ride there don't care about their lives and even less about yours. 95 % think they are indistructable, 5% ride with care and don't want to kill anyone or die riding.

  • Yah…I did the Tail of the Dragon in my F350 Crew Cab Dually with a 32' trailer in tow…seemed we took "a short cut". Well…not to bright but I get through it without wrecking anything…yes I pulled off when I could to let people pass.

  • Thanks for showing. Blue Ridge Pkway. We live in Blue Ridge, Texas. Great Videos.always LIKE your videos and we are subscribers. .Great Music too. Thanks again Robert. Age here is 76 so can't travel any more so we let you do it for us.