Boondocking New York ADIRONDACKs in a teardrop trailer

Boondocking New York ADIRONDACKs in a teardrop trailer

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Cosmo Weems

  • Better then a hotel bed yeah 1000% better.
    At least u know who's slept in yr bed b4 u..??
    And most importantly peace & privacy…

  • Nice video! I would much rather sleep on my own bedding then staying in the hotel. I don’t care how much you pay per night, the carpet is dirty and the furniture has germ on it. (Who knows what’s going on😱) There are germs all around hotel and motel rooms. Camping only way to go. Nothing is more relaxing than nature.

  • Cosmo I retired 12 years ago and started a carpet cleaning business. My wife kept encouraging me to take her and out and see the world. I worked instead. She died three years ago now I wish I would have. you have inspired me to finally leave all that work behind me and finally do it. Thanks, great relaxing video. Good luck

  • I live in Saratoga. Used to drive up and camp in that spot (in Fort Anne) in my early 20s now i like to find even a little bit more secluded areas

  • Yes dream scape ing. You Dream , do you dream about animals , places do the animals tell you things or do people who are departed ?…. well Or is it you dream about , places, things ,times, then it comes true ? Well if so you mite want to start a dream log and keep account of you interactions .. do theses dreams come true ,! Remote viewing is an opp.!,,, don’t tell anyone you do………

  • This video is doing wonders on my anxiety. As much as I feel I need to be in a populated area, part of me wants to just escape to somewhere like this and fall asleep to nature instead of a TV for a few days.