Boondocking Tips: What Makes a Good Campsite?

Boondocking Tips: What Makes a Good Campsite?
The store: In this video I talk about a handful of things to keep in mind or consider when looking for a dispersed camping campsite out …

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  • Sorry for the camera focus weirdness. I debated whether or not to post this video because of that but figured I might as well. Either my camera is broken or it couldn't handle the low light. I'm not sure yet…

  • Great tips for people new to boondocking. Sure to help people pick a good spot. Also, let me specifically say that I love the fact that your videos do not generally include any extra annoyances, such as intros, outros, background music, or cliched phrases that you open or close every video with. Please, never add any of that stuff.

  • Great video! In addition to the things you mentioned, I look for 1) weather forecast 2) altitude/elevation 3) wind blocks 4) things that make noise in the wind.

    Elevation was a new one for me, I had trouble breathing trying to sleep at 9000 ft! But I'm sure I just have to get used to it.

  • Tristan, it's interesting how much of your advice & experience is 'West-Centric'. BLM/USFS/F&WS public lands are great boon docking resources…but certainly not east of the Mississippi. Hygiene needs don't mandate a daily shower in the West's dry climate…but in SE USA, it can be a different story.

  • I enjoyed this video, keep up the good work! I will be going on my first overnight car camping in the next couple of weeks, I wanted to go to Cache Creek area, in B.C. but they have flooding now. So I will change plans for now, and go to high ground location. I can hardly wait! Looking forward to your next video! Thanks!

  • Do you use any wide area mosquito repellent around your camp once you have it set up? Any skeeter repellent ON you for hiking? I'm prepping for an annual weekend in the Sierra woods (fixed location) where I lose a pint of blood every time to the skeeters. Aside from covering myself in chemicals I have not found much relief, I tried those wrist band things but they did not work at all. Maybe all the UT mosquitoes have moved to California? Thanks again for the useful videos!

  • I really enjoyed your solar video. I even saved it to Gmail so I can refer back to it when it's my time to set up my solar we my children buy it for me for mothers day. Hehe, hint, hint boys!!!

  • The way your kayak is mounted seems really strange. I have a hell of a time loading and unloading my kayak, but I have the “J” hooks facing the other direction. Can you talk about why you have them the way you do?

  • Consider if weather change imminent as might be dry on way in and overnight rain my get you bogged. If you don't like any neighbours that arrive once you've already set up, the beauty of SUV is you can drive off!

  • Great list of considerations. As for levelling — I have a piece of plywood in my SUV for sleeping and I level it with a few small pieces of 2×4.

  • Great info. I’ve driven and camped all over the lower 48 states with my trusty Nissan Rogue over the past few years. Have you ever made it to the east, like the Appalachians or Acadia in Maine? And how many miles do you have on the rav4 now?

  • Here in England we don't have the vast open spaces you have. Also lots of restrictions as to what you can and can't do. Still, lots of people still wild camp as we call it. More scope in Scotland which has much less restrictions. As an aside I know you don't ship your goods abroad but is it possible to buy a car sticker to be shipped to Britain?

  • Good info! Have you mentioned ground clearance? I'm planning on traveling out west with my Toyota Camry and realize that I will have trouble with clearance. Keep up with the great videos.

  • Elevation! You'll be freezing at 9,000 feet, and roasting at 1,000 feet. You want to check the weather also if there is not going to be a wind storm. Things fly all over the place when it's windy. The same with the rain… why would you go weekend camping if it's going to rain for three days straight?!… Your car's ground clearance – there are many places you couldn't go with having a low ride height.

  • Very helpful info, thanks for sharing. 🙂 Can't wait for your videos on NM. I'll be headed out on an extended road trip in Sept. so will definitely use these tips, saved video as a favorite.

    How is the cargo carrier working out for you? I'm searching Craigslist for a cheap one. Great area you are at, very pretty!! I've been there before.

    Take care,


  • Very informative! I am tring to get the courage to go on a trip to Yellowstone. I was very disappointed when I visited Moab in September. The hotel staff and gusts were rude. People dressed like hobos at several different restaurants. They were really loud! I have never experienced this in any other town or city.