Bushcraft breakfast campfire cooking bannock and beans heat reflector wild camping

Bushcraft breakfast campfire cooking bannock and beans heat reflector wild camping
check out my new bushcraft,wild camping and cooking outdoors videos Bushcraft cooking campfire cooking wild camping bannock bread Bushcraft breakfast Hi …

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Scottish Wanderer – Wild Camping And Cooking

  • Hey make Scotland sound welcoming. Don't forget to point out that 2 degrees is when the girls decide they don't need a jacket, at the week end in, the city centres.

  • Like beans also but always add salt and pepper before eating, never had bannock so will take your word it tastes great bro. Liked the vid and yes where was the "all mines". ATB

  • Thanks Stuart. The bannock looks like a success. No matter how you say it, butter is nice to have Leave an empty container in your bao & never leave without filling it. Brian 76

  • G'day Stu mate. So are you more a beach man than forest? what is your fav?. For me it's mountains forest 1st then coast a very close 2nd. Scoff looked great, that will be you for the day after that lot, lol. Have a great weekend brother. Cheers Moose.

  • Time out in the woods is always time well spent and practice those cooking skills Stu lol, the Bannock looked like it could do with a bit more cooking time mate but bloody good job all the same bud, till next time 👍🏻, atb mate

  • Mmmmmmmmmm 'nuther wonderful outing, Stuart; Did a Bang Up Job on your fire-reflector. Lovely location  Stay-Frosty, Friend.               ATB Terry     God Bless

  • I like how you didn't edit out the part when your fire shield fell. I would have cheated and pre-mixed the Bannock before I went into the woods. Here in southern California, most of the year it's warm and sunny. In Oregon and Washington state, they get lots of rain. I think it's like Scotland at certain times of the year. All yours all yours!!

  • Enjoyed the video Stuart. You're right, food does taste better outdoors. There is something spiritual being in nature,.You'll have to get the missus involved, she don't know whats she's missing. lol

  • Hey Stuart. It's pretty apparent the happiness being outdoors brings you. I think I need to start going into the woods too bud. Feel like my soul's in a deficit.

  • I've seen some people place coals on the lid of the pan when they cook/bake to make a better 'oven' effect and brown the top of the bannock. This also reduces the cook time so the bottom doesn't burn as well. Loving the vids thanks. Great job.