Bushcraft breakfast camping cooking me and olly cooking bacon and cumberland sausage

Bushcraft breakfast camping cooking me and olly cooking bacon and cumberland sausage
check out my new bushcraft,camping and cooking outdoors videos Bushcraft breakfast bushcraft cooking cooking outdoors me and olly was out cooking …

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  • who ever said its no winter mate has obviously no camped in the unpredictable weather of Scotland. we all know how cold it gets hear and your wee one doesn't care less.

  • really enjoy your videos but this was great – looks like you both had a great time
    Love the beach sites you have had in last few posts so when me and wife eventually get our camper we look like we have to investigate

  • Went for a recce sunday solo ,strech the legs ride and walk stu .sharpen me knives have a look whats washed up at me 1 of my camping / fishing spot's Nice to get out mate ,Good on ya for taking your lad .. gave ya a shout out mate. as ya do. looks a nice bit of coast that ,

  • Just back from local pub quiz here and enjoyed watching. You mention Scottish weather.
    We were up that way 7th Apri for some daysl. Real Scottish weather, warm sunshine, snow, calm and windy – and that was just one afternoon 🙂

  • Pre-school age, great time to be a dad out with your kid having some time together. I can't even get mine to go for a walk these days. thanks for sharing.

  • If you are ever down in Carlisle most butchers make their own Cumberland sausage and the one ne me on Blackwell road has manny awards for their Cumberland sausage and buy it by the yard .

  • loving your vids Stewart. especially your dancing, your getting as good as me myfriend lol, I thing you could give DavesWildcamping a run for his money cooking wise lol, keep the vids coming, very enjoyable, all mines, atb Derek

  • good wee video mate sitting at a wee fire making something to eat an letting your wee man running about…cracking wee video mate