Buying an RV? What you need to know about RV dumping

Buying an RV? What you need to know about RV dumping
RV makers save money by installing narrow drain pipes from an RV’s gray water tank (shower and sinks) than from the sewer tank. The result: toilet crud left over …

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  • In my 1988 Fireball fifth wheel, the kitchen drain ran under my living room sofa- 1/2 inch parallel to the underside of it. Over the years, the springs wore out and when a heavy (over 300lbs) person sat on it, the pipe broke off at the junction and came out of the rubber grommet on the gray tank. My solution was to do some retrofitting. I cut the old fitting off that came from the kitchen sink and installed a new fitting- a short length of pipe, and then a 45-degree fitting to take the drain DOWNWARD to the gray tank. But I wasn't finished yet. I added another 45-degree fitting to go down into the gray tank, and just above the floor, a fitting that has a wye (looks like a tree branch) fitting with a threaded plug. When it's time to dump the gray tank, I can insert a garden hose into the wye fitting after removing the threaded plug and blast the gunk and residue out. No more nasty odors. I'm no engineer, but it works.

  • Here is a tip to not smell the stink and be able to rinse it all out and take your time! You go to Walgreens and buy a jar of Mentholatem or Vicks take a good scoop on you finger and put it inside your nose! WaLa no more stink, they use it in the morgue where the odors can be much worse!

  • A few times a year i dump a half bottle of cheap dishwasher liquid down the sink drain with a half full gray tank, drive a few hundred miles and dump it. also a 10% bleach/water works to kill the smell (dose wonders on black tank ) but the dishwasher liquid cuts grease.

  • So… any advice for those of us that already own an RV with the smaller gray pipe? Kind of like my RV, and while the 3" would be nice, buying a new RV just isn't in the cards.