Camp Dutch Oven for One 10/22

Camp Dutch Oven for One 10/22
A quick cooking video using a horse shoe and railroad spike trivet, a 6 and 8 inch Lodge Camp Dutch oven on a sunny October day.

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  • smalltown442; I enjoyed your video of your 5" camp oven. I've been wanting to buy myself a 5" or 6" camp oven but as yet, haven't found one that wants to come home with me. I've got a 10", 2 12", and a 14" camp ovens. To be honest, I haven't tried the usual Online merchants yet. Do you mind me asking where you bought yours?

    Many times I eat a solo meal because of my wife's work schedule. A small pot like this one would be ideal.

    I've subscribed and given you a 👍thumbs up.

    Take care and "Happy Trails".

  • It is possible to use a "Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Lid Lifter" (Google it) if you drill a large enough hole through the 'handle' of the lid on that particular model. There is JUST enough room to drill a large enough hole there. Put the lid in a bench vise and hit it with a file to get rid of the metal chips when you are finished. A worthwhile upgrade to that small size Lodge dutch oven. No need to use pliers, or gloves once you do this.

  • Hi, Andrew, thank you for this video. This looks so delicious. I'm a beginner of cast iron and plan to buy the 8 inch camp dutch oven. Just a quick question, how to clean the cast iron and maintain it during while camping. Thank you