Campfire Cooking Ideas

Campfire cooking is something that every RVer looks forward to when camping. The taste, smell and the experience of cooking over the open flame are things you can’t just talk about with non-campers. So here are 7 cooking ideas you can do over the campfire.

0ebd9-campfire-cooking-ideasCampfire Cooking Ideas

On the stick cooking:


Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

On the grill cooking:

BBQ/Campfire Roasted Potatoes

Campfire Hash

In foil cooking:

Sausage and Eggs

Meat & Vegetable Burger

In the coal cooking:

Charcoal – Grilled Sugared Ham

There you have it! The different ways in cooking on a campfire that will surely make your life easier, happier and healthier when on the road.