Campfire Cooking with Tin Foil (Van Life Cooking)

Campfire Cooking with Tin Foil (Van Life Cooking)
When you’re cooking on a campfire it’s hard to go wrong with this time honored, classic technique! Let’s sit around the fire and cook us up some dinner! Are you …

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  • That meal is a family fave. And returning guests request it lol
    We spray foil w Pam( veggie oil spray), put meat on bottom add veggies, salt pepper and herbs and spices yuuuuuummyyyy ๐Ÿ™‚ using thicker foil is even better . Enjoy, we sure do.

  • There is a way to fold the foil to make an envelope . That way you can open and check. That said they always seemed fragile unlike your approach. Dutch oven cobbler would have been great!

  • Just absolutely love your sexy announcer voice. Need thick foil and seasonings. Some how I just knew you were a Boy Scout. Loved your video. Keep it going!!!!!

  • Brilliant idea with your sauce can load up on red pepper flakes, parm cheese, and italian seasoning from Little Ceasars Pizza. I sometimes put taco meat and cheese and onions on a potato…wrap in foil and cook over fire, then top with diced tomatoes, sour cream and jalepenos.