Campfire Ribeyes & Onions

Campfire Ribeyes & Onions
I show cooking up some ribeye steaks and onions over the campfire. Support the channel on Patreon: Check out my TeeSpring …

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Jay Dighsx

  • Nice Jay! I like. Try this as well, Get Fillets, get to room temp, Put some Olive Oil on both sides, simply salt and pepper, Five minutes a side. Just good old yummy Steak. Simple.
    I will have to look for the Worcestershire sauce you spoke off.

  • I agree that steaks mostly au natural are better, but if you put a little Montreal steak seasoning on, then tenderize so the flavor gets inside, just before you kiss them with flame, they come out truly amazing. It works even with less expensive cuts. Cheers!

  • Gordon Ramsay says that one of the secrets to a perfect steak is to let it reach room temp before you cook it. That lets you cook it faster than you normally could, without getting a cold center.

  • Oh man, you've gotta stop with these cooking vids. I'm getting the biggest cravings ever! I'm really keen to make a firepit here. Might have to be a little project for this week while I'm off work looking after mum and baby.

  • Yes, that's how I do it too.
    One for me, and one for my invisible friend who is a vegetarian. I end up eating his too.

    Vegetarian is an old Indian word for "poor hunter".

  • Yea, I love doing that. I add a little olive oil too. Some chef told me the olive oil helps the marinade penetrate. Never vetted that though. Damn, now I want a Rib-Eye!