Campground Cookout Contest Winner: Fire Foil Packets

Campground Cookout Contest Winner: Fire Foil Packets
Michelle Tennant Nicholson won the Campground Cookout Contest held by the State Parks and in this video demonstrates the …

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Michelle Tennant


  1. @FrolickingFroggy
    They did! Here's the original email they sent to me. It's cool and exciting, no?

    "Hi Michelle, Congratulations! Your recipe was selected as the winner of our Campground Cookout contest. You'll be awarded a voucher for a free, two-night stay at participating Kentucky State Parks, a Pocket Ranger walking kit and an iTunes gift card. As the winning recipe, yours will be featured across Pocket Rangerโ„ข mobile apps as well as Pocket Ranger's blog."

  2. Love that you rocked the vid with the shiner. I tripped down some stairs and got ALL blued up with a shiner too and just kept going out despite the odd looks. That comes with being 40. I don't sweat it anymore. Great video.


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