RVing Camp Gulf: As Close As It Can Get To The Blue Sea


Camp Gulf



Why Camp Gulf?

Known as the home of emerald coasts, Gulf Coast of Florida offers nothing but divine beach camping for an RVer. In fact, most RVers exclaim that beach camping at Gulf Coast is truly a unique experience. From parking your RV 15 steps closer to the beach as well as waking up to the beach sunrise, Camp Gulf has over 200 unique RV Sites to choose from.


According to Laura,

“We step out of our camper, walk maybe 60 ft. and we are on the beautiful white sandy beach with THE MOST perfect views of the ocean.  We’ve seen dolphin’s every morning!  Just super convenient to by able to sit by the water, come back to your RV and go back out”.

Camp Gulf is definitely a bucket list destination for all RVers who love beach camping.

Camp Gulf

Some of the main attractions of Camp Gulf are: 

  1. Beach Front RV Sites: ‘As close As you can get to the Blue Sea’

    Sixteen RV specific sites are located directly on the beach which are 20 ft wide each and perfect for even the biggest rigs! Unfortunately, these sites are not pet-friendly.

    • Sunset (2)
  2. Dolphins in the Morning:

    • Another unique attraction to waking up on a beach is that you have dolphins for friends!
  3. Upper Park RV Sites:

    • These RV sites are positioned in the middle of the park, close to solar-heated pools, laundry services and activities center. They are pet-friendly with full hook-up, perfect for RVers looking for a beautiful beach camping experience.
  4. Scores of Activities around the beach:

    • Toting around the beach in cozy golf carts, Segways, Yolos, Wagons, Surfing, Balloon wheeled golfs cart for a better mobility through sand are some of the many activities to engage while around the Gulf Coast of Florida.
  5. North Upper Park RV Sites:

    • Located at the prime location at the entrance of Camp Gulf, this is a pet-friendly site with outdoor dining and the exclusive 5-minute stroll to the beach!

Here, check out a video from an RVer couple honeymooning at Camp Gulf.

Check out more videos from the user here.

Some fun games offered at Camp Gulf are Hippo Water Slide,  Basketball court, Xbox, underwater diving, Jetski, Kayaking and special Sea food. Camp Gulf also offers virtual tours of the campground too. Have you gone RVing to Camp Gulf? Tell us in the comments below.  😀