Camping World Exposed on The RV Show USA

Camping World Exposed on The RV Show USA
The Producer of the video “The Truth about Camping World” Kevin Frazer joins Alan Warren in the studio to talk about how some Camping World “sales …

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  • I love Voyt RV in Fort Worth, we have bought with them twice and love how professional they are. They are not like car sales men. We have visited several lots of big centers and felt in our gut we were being taken for a ride. We walked out and went to Voyt. We are so happy. TKinTX

  • I am a recent victim of Camping world! I want more then anything to share my story! I have video to show everything that has happened since I financed my new RV in April of 2018. I became homeless because of everything that has transpired since I first put money down on on my RV. As soon as I get on my feet again, I am going to look into finding a lawyer to take my case or if someone is willing to start a nation wide case against Camping World, I will gladly sign an affidavit!!!

  • Like noted in the comments do not finance, pay cash. If you have no choice but to finance, use your own preferred bank / credit union. Then search for the RV of your dreams. Then with all of your education on purchasing an RV, find a dealer that can sell you the RV you have chosen and that will work with you, not against you. Everyone has an opinion, here is mine my second RV was a Thor toy hauler 5th wheel, great RV, nothing wrong other than regular wear and tear. Never needed to use the warranty. The only reason we went with a new one was we wanted more room. Forest River, awesome floor plan with alot of potential. Found more than 20 + dealer defects some of which are major. We paid cash and do not plan on ever getting rid of it. We still have love it. So it's all what you are wanting. Get educated on the RV Inside and out from end to end from top to bottom. Before you go buy it. Safe Travels.

  • I'll never buy there again no matter what the CEO said.  It all about the sale and pushing all the extras when you go there.  As soon as you need warranty work forget it, you'll leave messages and nobody gets back to you.  They had my trailer for 5 weeks at the end of the 2017 season for warranty work and only fixed a friggin light, nothing else.  I was already paying for storage. No sir, never again.  If you do go there and buy, be prepare for the upsell in the managers office.  They don't take no for an answer easily.  They push the 'gold' warranty package hard.

  • I’ve watched Mr. Frazer’s video from beginning to end… unfortunately I came across it too late. I was new to campers, did not have time to do much research on campers or particular dealers and I needed a camper ASAP! It was for a job and not for recreational use so I googled dealers near me in Oklahoma and of course camping world was the first one I came across. I drove to camping world and 6 hours later I was the owner of a used camper. I felt sick to my stomach! I felt like I sold my soul to the devil himself after watching Kevin’s video a month or so later. I feel somewhat fortunate that I’m actually not in as bad of shape in my camper as some others I’ve read about. My new mission is to keep everyone I know as far away from that place as I can. If I ever need or want another camper I will be making the 650 mile drive to Cheyenne Camping Center!

  • Never bought from CW, but had Good Sam and Roadside Assistance though. Started to let subscriptions run out after he said he didn't want me as a customer because I'm very a TRUMP SUPPORTER 🇺🇸…..BYE!!

  • I bought a used camper and am very happy. This is all about buying a new camper. Buy a good used one that will suit your needs for a cheap price from an individual that you trust and enjoy the crap out of it.

  • Camping World wow it's all about camping a place to get camping stuff to go camping in the wild. why would they open their mouth about politics if there a camping store. Went into their store once. ONCE!!!!!

  • These guys should be sued for liable there’s years of phony and I hate to say it but fake news Carbage story if you wanna know what their real agenda is

  • As years pass my concerns are that this is a normal practice in business education. Is this being taught in colleges? It seems the big boxes and extremely well to do this is SOP. It appears that both businesses and employees are exploited until their dollar value is exhausted then terminated. The day of sharing the wealth is gone. I can only hope this is not our future. I have worked abroad for many years and the over condition the seem to prevail is 5% rich and the rest are poor. Don't see many gold watches being passed out. My recent experiences in dealing with the stores, roadside service, and insurance are a standing joke. Lack of information from the associates. Putting in a nut shell its just poor services and over priced product. My advice to anyone looking for a good service or insurance do your home work and get input from a many people as possible and stay away from added protection. Know your warranty.

  • Their stock has gone way down in just the past year. Shouldn't be in this economy. Stock holders need to have a "come to Jesus" moment with their CEO.

  • I've been a big fan of Marcus Lemonis' show 'The Profit' – I think on CNBC? – and had no idea he was this way. Thank you Kevin Frazer for putting this truth out there!!!!!!

  • Crap dealer Phoenix Arizona stay away from Tom's Camperland they are crooks.If you go there read your contract and read it well. I almost sued this company. Long story short don't buy their.

  • Camping World is a cult their president may as well be Jim Jones they are mean hateful people you'll do not go along with them they will threaten you they were Menace you they would intimidate you

  • OMG, Campers World is laughing at these 2 dingbats. Very very very difficult to listen to the guest. His voice is not content friendly. I was interesting in the content so I trudged through the information. It like listening to nails on a chalk board. Could you not find a less grating person's voice to talk about this.

  • This is just an advertisement for this guys business. You can say NO to the service agreement, just like all car dealers. I love the slide comparing deals. It compares the longest financing term of 144 months to 84 months so of course the interest costs more. Here’s the thing, you get to pick! This is the same tactic car dealers use to compare themselves to other dealers to trick you into thinking they have lower cost. This guy just doesn’t like having new competition.

  • Sorry folks but if it wasnt for camping world, I wouldnt have such a great rv. I used to work for car dealers, I'm a general manager for a power equipment dealer, The dealer was so wonderful and went way out of their way. My room mate and I are happy campers.

  • Most RV companies are crooks. They sell you over priced RVs with useless extended warranties. The company I brought my unit from was on the authorized service center list to repair my AC on my park model. My AC went out 4 months after buying the unit. I called the company and they said they had no one to work on the unit. So, after weeks of dealing with this company, I found a another company that was on the authorized list to service the AC. Long story short, I lost 2 months of use of my park model at the campground which is expensive. I also communicated with the VIP of the company that manufactures most of the ACs sold in campers and park models. They told me they would take the company off of the authorized service center. Next step, go to bank and cancel the extended warranty. It is useless.

  • Iv only made one purchase with them. Wont be making another. They are going to be charged with fraud for what they did to me because they added $10k onto the loan without consent. The bank is washing the loan, and camping world is going to take their shit back.

  • I made the mistake of buying a travel trailer from Camping World in Dover Florida. So now I am telling everybody and anybody who will listen to avoid that place like the plague.

  • We were new to RVing and just as we started out our son was diagnosed witg way advanced Brain Cancer so everything come to a stand still for us…. He was our last child and during his 6 months to the day illness we decided we were going to go on at least a month long RV Trip and kinda reboot our luves heing childless!!
    We decided to upgrade some things in our 5th Wheel so we took a day away and went to Camping World in Tulsa to but a Washer and Dryer set for the trip also a new set of entry steps!!!
    We took our 5th Wheel over and left it… was supposed to be a couple of days as the steps hadn’t come in!!
    It ended up veing over 3 weeks with all the stress we were under with our son!! Omgoodness!!
    Then I told them the slide on the left was kind and of dragging at the pantry area in the kitchen would they check that….. OMGOODNESS…. They called me and told me everything in my freezer was ruined and rotten had taken over my beautiful 5th Wheel!!! 😢😢😢😬😬
    NO WHERE AT THERE SERVICE DESK did it tell you how to prepare your RV for the time at the Service Center!!
    They ruined my Refrigerator and refused the responsibility!!!
    Wehad no idea and was only half there when we took it as we just wanted to be with our son!!
    Probably on a notmal day we would have thought more about it!! But they weren’t supposed to have it all that time and it was like pulling teeth to get an answer as to what was goung on all through the projected work!!
    I HATE CAMPING WORLD!!! They are inly employees!!! And they don’t take their jobs seriously!!