Can you RV In The Winter?

Can you RV In the winter? Yess you can!! Here’s some tips and tricks to Rv In The Winter. The 2 major problems you face will be to keep your holding tanks from freezing and to keep moister out of you RV.

My names Taylor and everything I own is on wheels. I live in a TRUCK CAMPER full time and love to TRAVEL. Follow my journey and I will try my very best to keep you entertained and maybe even teach you a few things about the RV lifestyle!

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  1. Didn't mention to keep a CLOSE watch on how much propane you have if/when heating through the furnace with it because the fan will continue blowing/working even when the propane runs out so you'll be basically cooling the rv by blowing cold air around …

  2. I use a honda 2000 when boondocking, you get 2000 watts of power it very quiet and .9 gallons, under a gallon will last up to 18 hours. Carry 5 or 10 gallons of extra fuel and your set for over a week. Also heat strips in as unit will warm up a camper very fast an then use space heater on low and you set. Portable gas buddy works very well and is a lot more efficiency then the crappie RV the heaters. Don't even know if mine works never used it.

  3. I have even better ideas for RV living in the winter……head south.  That is one of the reasons to have an RV.  I also move north in the Summer.  There is no reason to cook either.

  4. Great video! I'm about to pick up my 22 ft motorhome in ND (11/18) and since I don't know much of anything about RV's YET I was wondering – to make sure I don't damage anything on the way home, how to just keep warm in a Walmart parking lot stopover until I get home to Phoenix? 1,2 or at the most 3 nights I think. Your advice would be appreciated. BTW I have the artic package of heated tanks.

  5. another idea for what for dishes and such for winter is getting those 1 gallon water jugs, from walmart there pretty good price, Also for dishes too if you have a large pot go out and get some fresh snow then put the snow in the pot, and boil it on a open fire then use that water for washing dishes, bathroom comodites that are nice as well especially for boondocking in winter ive found and heard of people useing are composting toilets, that way they are never useing their black water tanks.


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