Can You Survive A RV Disaster?

RVs are mostly called the apocalypse vehicles and are naturally equipped to survive a RV Disaster. According to RV-Roadtrips,

“That’s why, as an RVer, you need to have an emergency plan, and make sure that your RV is ready to roll with everything you need to be comfortable and secure in the event of an emergency”

Besides that, what if your RV gets stuck in a terrifying blizzard? Are you covered for your RV and Health insurance?

Here take a look at one such RV that got stuck in a Blizzard in Silverwood RV Park. 

Then a hard storm blew and what you see below is series of a RV Rescue in action. 

RV in Storm
RV in Storm

RV Rescue

The is how the driver’s area looked after the RV Disaster.

Screenshot (844)

This is a panoramic view of how the rescued RV looked like.

RV Disaster

Here’s the full clip on the blizzard that damaged many RVs from CdAPress Newsroom:

Thankfully, none was injured in this blizzard. Check out more clips from the YouTube user here.

When in a Blizzard/ RV Disaster:
  1. When stuck in snow, pull over until daylight.
  2. When stuck in snow, stay in your vehicle unless you see approaching lights.
  3. To keep yourself from dying from carbon monoxide poisoning, heat up your vehicle once every (for ten minutes) 30 minutes.
  4. Keep your Tailpipe and RV parts clean of snow/ice.

Can You Survive a RV Disaster? Tell us about your own strategies to survive a RV Disaster in the comments below.