CLEAN your RV fresh water tank in LESS than 3 MINUTES!

CLEAN your RV fresh water tank in LESS than 3 MINUTES!
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Sam Kresslein

  • you might want to change the title of your video to ……………………DONT DO THIS TO YOUR RV didnt read the instrustions……………and it takes way longer than it should have ……..NOT 3 minutes lol

  • Dude thats waaaay too much bleach … a cup of bleach is good for like 30-40 gallons … too much will eat through the pump and anything metalic

  • Just redo the video with the correct bleach to water ratio. Not everyone will read the comments and realise the error. That much bleach will corrode plastic

  • why didnt he drain the water tank? i put the bleach in before i leave the campsite to go home. that way the bleach has a chance to splash around in the tank while i drive home. then i drain the tank.

  • Before sending chlorinated water through the camper's plumbing I thought you were first supposed to turn off the water supplies to the hot water heater, and if you have them – any in-line water filters, using their bypass valves.. no?