Does Cleaning Windshield Wipers Extend Its Rubber Life?

According to Mary Moppins, Cleaning Windshield Wipers and Covering them, are both necessary! 

Cleaning Windshield Wipers

She says, “Say the temperature is 80 degrees. When the sun reflects off the glass it can be 100. Window Wiper Covers slow the deterioration of the rubber and extends their life.”

In short, one should not only use windshield wiper covers but also clean them to extend their rubber life. For proper care, one should periodically (monthly once) clean the wipers with grainless sudsy water to prevent the smudge and smear on the windshield. Cleaning Windshield Wipers will save one from many replacements and subsequent payments that could occur in the future too! :mrgreen:

The rubber element should be washed every time the gas tanks are fueled. Moreover, during ice and snow, one should never attempt Cleaning Windshield Wipers without ice scrapers!

Here, is a video on how to clean your windshield and wipers to extend its rubber life. 

According to Tom of Brighton Ford, “denatured alcohol is all you need to give the windshield wipers a through dirt-off”!

Do you clean your windshield wipers?

We would ove to hear your smart ways of Cleaning Windshield Wipers! Tell us in the comments below! 😀

  • Alcohol dries the rubber — I’ve been told to use the same cleaner that’s in your washer tank to wipe them down. It accomplishes the same effect and the rubber already encounters those particular solvents so you aren’t subjecting them to the harshness/drying of alcohol!