How To Cook With A Cast Iron Skillet

A cast iron skillet can be a campers best friend. Take a look at this quick video on the best ways to cook in a cast iron skillet and the best ways to keep your cast iron skillet clean.

Do you have any more tips for cooking with a cast iron skillet?


  1. Thanks for the information. I learned a lot from your video! My cast iron skillet instructions say to use a 350F oven and it’s always sticky. I did not know to bring the pan to smoking point when putting the fresh oil layer on or to reseason after use. Guess I’ll have to go pull mine out b/c I used it today and didn’t do the steps you showed.

  2. We collect Cast Iron and use them daily. I have found the BEST way to season them is with Coconut Oil. After thoroughly cleaning the piece, coat it really well with the oil. Then get a good campfire burning with lots of coals. Bury the piece in the coals and let it sit for several hours…… Overnight is great. Does a fantastic job !!

  3. Does anybody know how to make biscuits using an iron skillet ON THE BURNER or OVER A CAMPFIRE—not in the oven?

    • Best to use a Camp oven if cooking biscuits around a campfire. I’d suggest using charcoal though as the heat is easy to control by counting the number of briquettes.

  4. Really good video. One correction though, cast iron isn’t porous. Modern cast has a rough surface leading many to think it’s porous. Also, depending on condition after cleaning, 98% of the time I’ve found it not necessary to oil after cleaning. Rinse with hot water and dry with a paper towel.