Cowboy Chili Recipe

Cowboy Chili Recipe
Cowboy Chili Recipe! We’re taking the chill off in the kitchen today with our Chili recipe. What’s great about chili is you can …

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Cowboy Kent Rollins

  • What do you suggest to boil water in. I am in the process of throwing away all my old wore out alumni cook wear, skillets that have silver stone and Teflon peeling off on the inside. I seen a video that said those pans are making us sick. I'm ready to go cast iron all the way.

  • I am astonished that any knucklehead could give this video a thumbs down. They should be dragged until dead by a runaway wild mustang pulling your chuckwagon.

  • Made this recipe and it was delicious, I was supposed to eat it for 2-3 days cause it was a whole pot but I finished the whole thing the same day.

  • Kent, you want to try a LeCrueset casserole pot, they are trendy these days but originally they were designed for French peasants as they are cast iron so need little heat to get to higher temperatures just like the iron you use. The benefit is that the are enamelled inside and out so you donโ€™t have to worry about ingredients spoiling the iron. They last forever as well, I have had mine for over thirty years!

  • You drained the RO-TEL before adding it, but you then added tomato sauce and water? Why not just put the RO-TEL juice in and less water? Thanks.

  • I've always believed real chuck wagon chilli has beans because beans are shelf stable and a filler. I really would want to be slaughtering the cattle I'm driving from Texas to Chicago anymore than necessary.

  • Hey, love your channel. I am a graphic designer and I would like to help your channel out for free. I want to make a logo for your channel. I can make you a website too if you want. Free of cost. All I want in return is you to reference my work on your channel.

  • I can't imagine splitting a 12" dutch oven of good chili/potato soup etc with eight to ten people. That's four of the fellas max, licked clean.

  • Made this on our last trip to Winnemucca Nv. Was to die for! There are folks that say they can make beans…………..boooo! this blows it out of the water! Thanks Kent! I'm a Star now!

  • Down here in the Deep South (meaning the Mississippi Delta), people put chili on top of Hot Tamales. Call it Chili Mac. Why Mac? I have no idea, but they do! lol

  • Kent, This is probably my favorite videos so far. Not because I learned something new but because This is almost exactly how I make my chili. I'm going to try adding chili peppers in adobo sauce or some of that relish and some paprika.